Chabot College Facilities Committee 27 March, 2014 PROPOSED RESOLUTION

Chabot College Facilities Committee
27 March, 2014
Resolution to Postpone Two Approved Projects: Campus Signage and Hesperian
REQUEST TO THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The Chabot College Facilities Committee
hereby requests the Board of Trustees to postpone, indefinitely, the Campus Signage Project, and
the Hesperian Landscaping Project, both of which have been approved and are slated to enter the
construction phase in the next few months.
RATIONALE: In addition to the major renovation/expansion of B2100 (Biology Building),
and the first floor renovation of B100, Chabot College has a number of smaller projects in
development that will require Measure B funding, in order to address several essential and highly
critical needs that exist on our campus. Such projects include, but are not limited to, the
— B100 Library (2nd floor): Carpeting/furnishing/partitions/lighting/etc., to provide much
needed improvements to library functionality for our students;
— B100 Elevator: to provide library and mezzanine access for disabled students;
— B1600 Computer Labs: Furniture, instructional equipment, and infrastructure upgrades
(building wiring, etc.) to address electric safety hazards, and to make the labs properly
functional for the classes using them.
We appreciate that the Board is strongly motivated to move forward on signage and landscaping.
It is our fast opinion, however, that those projects are essentially cosmetic; further, there is a
great deal of uncertainty as to the Board’s intent with regard to securing more funding for capital
projects in the near future (be it to go out for another Bond, etc.) Ultimately, it sends the wrong
message to our students, and to our community, if we deplete precious Measure B dollars on
cosmetic things, when it effectively diminishes our ability to improve the practical and
pedagogic function of our buildings.
We do not propose that the signage and landscaping projects be canceled; merely that they be
held in abeyance until more funding becomes available.