Department of Early Childhood and Adolescent Education Faculty Meeting November 12, 2013

Department of Early Childhood and Adolescent Education
Faculty Meeting
November 12, 2013
The meeting was called to order by Dr. Charles Starkey at 3:00pm.
The following members were present:
Virginia Bonomo
Frank D’Angelo
Todd Hoover
Molly Marnella
Cherie Roberts
Beth Rogowsky
Charles Starkey
Caryn Terwilliger
David Walker
Craig Young
Kali Fedor
Kate Nichols
1. Approval of Minutes:
a. Dr. David Walker made the motion to approve the minutes and Dr. Cherie Roberts seconded. All
voted “aye” unanimously for David’s motion.
2. Technology Connection:
a. Dr. Regina Bobak first noted expected downtime for the BOLT online system to allow for upgrades
over the winter break. She discussed BOLT JOLT and the webinars that will be available to address
the new components and updates for the new BOLT this spring.
b. Dr. Bobak also discussed the CCB Tool (Course Copy Bulk) that is being developed. This will be a
master course template for BOLT that can be created by your department so that consistent
information is always present for all sections of a particular course. All courses would still have the
ability to have individual components and new documents can be uploaded per the instructor, but all
master information would be present. Linda Meyer is currently working on some distance education
components for BOLT through the library.
3. McDowell PBIS Update – Dr. Kate Nichols
a. Dr. Nicholas discussed the different modules and behavior support plan. Modules 1 and 2 have been
created but are static in their development (PowerPoint slides with Pre/Post assessments). They are
working with Camptasia to narrate the different modules. The students will receive an overview of
PBIS in Module 1. Within Module 2 it is a more in-depth look at the school, classroom, and nonclassroom environments within a PBIS model. This Module has 100+ slides.
b. Dr. Bonomo (MTSS committee representative) discussed the creation of a master course in BOLT
that will be required for Freshmen by the Fall 2014 and will contain all 5 modules. If they receive an
80% or higher accuracy rating a certificate is issued. This will allow for all students to have this
completed prior to submitting their application packets.
c. Dr. Nichols discussed the Promising Educator Certificate. If a student demonstrates quality
coursework and service a nomination form can be completed and sent to Dr. Nichols. She also noted
that the referral process will be started college (COE) wide Fall 2014. The referral goes to her first
and then to the chair. Departments are recommended to choose some reinforcements that would be
appropriate for their students.
4. Advisement
a. Students on the Orange sheet should be moved to the Grey sheet for GEP’s. Dean Mauch is
providing for some latitude, so no students are told they lost a semester. Dr. Starkey and Dr.
D’Angelo will provide guidance and assistance if needed.
b. Mid-Level Changes will be signed off by Dr. Mirandy with course substitution forms. Our
department will no longer have to sign off on these forms (i.e. 120/150/121/122).
c. Other adjustments regarding the forms and courses were discussed.
Reorganization of COE:
a. Dr. Starkey noted that Dean Mauch wants the ECAE and Secondary departments to meet at least two
times with a structured focus for some team building. A new chair election will be held in April.
Online Offerings/Graduate and Undergraduate:
a. The 2014 Schedule will require all graduate courses to have at least 8 students to run and
undergraduate courses will need at least 12. This means that as a department we need to diversify
what we teacher. No further Individualized Instruction forms will be accepted as of Monday for the
Spring 2014 semester.
b. Online graduate program will use Polycom components to run the course.
c. There are a few undergraduate courses that still need to be rewritten to allow for an online teaching
Side Notes/Housekeeping:
a. Secretary position has been posted. It will first go out to current university staff for 30 days and then
off-campus for 30 days. They are hoping to find an appropriate candidate soon, so they can start the
spring semester with our department.
b. Money for the student workers is due to Dr. Marnella by December 6th.
a. Dr. Starkey called for “all in favor” for adjournment.
b. It was unanimous
c. Adjournment 4:08pm