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CAPITOL ROOMS (KASKASKIA ROOM-­‐-­‐north) – Moderator: Linda Zellmer Bill Knox, Cynthia Struthers, Daniel Ogbaharya, Judges Time Presentation # 1:00-­‐1:10 9 1:10-­‐1:20 10 1:20-­‐1:30 11 1:30-­‐1:40 12 2:10-­‐2:20 2:20-­‐2:30 Michael Starrett with Jonathan Day, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND JUSTICE ADMINISTRATION – Politics in Marvel Entertainment Mary DeWilde with Eugene Mathes, PSYCHOLOGY -­‐-­‐ Changes in Romantic Love Relationships David Allen with Jill Myers, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND JUSTICE ADMINISTRATION -­‐-­‐ Can You Ride with the Cops and Cheer for the Robbers? Stephanie Kroll with Davison Bideshi, SOCIOLOGY -­‐-­‐ The Legalization and Regulation of Prostitution 1:40-­‐2:00 2:00-­‐2:10 13 Student Name/Faculty Mentor/Department/Title Questions and Answers and BREAK Kirsten Belisle with Jennifer McNabb, HISTORY -­‐-­‐ Mary, Queen of Scots: Trials and Tribulations 14 Jed Hill with Amy Carr, RELIGIOUS STUDIES – Carving God’s Body of Ashes and Exaltation 15 Madeline Olejnik with Febe Pamonag, HISTORY -­‐-­‐ Representations of Women in Post-­‐ 1949 China 2:30-­‐2:40 16 2:40-­‐2:50 Curtis Howd with Abraham Graber, PHILOSOPHY -­‐-­‐ Intrigue, Nostalgia, and the Nature of Aesthetic Response Questions and Answers