HUMN-PHIL-RELS Appendix E: Proposal for New Initiatives (Complete for each...

Appendix E: Proposal for New Initiatives (Complete for each new initiative)
Audience: Deans/Unit Administrators, PRBC, Foundation, Grants Committee, College Budget Committee
Purpose: A “New Initiative” is a new project or expansion of a current project that supports our Strategic
Plan. The project will require the support of additional and/or outside funding. The information you
provide will facilitate and focus the research and development process for finding both internal and
external funding.
How does your initiative address the college's Strategic Plan goal, or significantly improve student
Increase the number of students completing education goal/major,
What is your specific goal and measurable outcome?
Identify and redress barriers to completion, specifically among students declaring general humanities,
humanities, liberal AA/AS, philosophy, liberal arts (humanities), and liberal studies (humanities) as their
major. I will need help from Institutional Research in defining how many students met their goals in the
past two years (to set a benchmark), but the measurable outcome will be to increase that number by
10% by the end of the second year (spring 2015).
What is your action plan to achieve your goal?
Activity (brief description)
Complete research about and with existing student
population; develop outreach/pathway program
Implement outreach/pathway program
Support students and track progress
Fall 2013
Required Budget (Split out
personnel, supplies, other
Need support from
Institutional Research
Potentially, additional
direct student support
Potentially, additional
direct student support
How will you manage the personnel needs?
New Hires:
Faculty # of positions
Classified staff # of positions
Reassigning existing employee(s) to the project; employee(s) current workload will be:
Covered by overload or part-time employee(s)
Covered by hiring temporary replacement(s)
x Other, explain As grant reassign ends, and I am back full-time in my division,
I want to undertake this project as part of my “college” work.
At the end of the project period, the proposed project will:
X Be completed (onetime only effort): If successful, the pathway will become
part of faculty “work” on behalf/in support of students in the program.
Require additional funding to continue and/or institutionalize the project
(obtained by/from):
Will the proposed project require facility modifications, additional space, or program relocation?
x No
Yes, explain:
Will the proposed project involve subcontractors, collaborative partners, or cooperative agreements?
Y Yes, explain: Other discipline faculty and students need to be involved in developing
the outreach/pathway effort.
Do you know of any grant funding sources that would meet the needs of the proposed project?
X No
Yes, list potential funding sources: