Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council (IAAC) Meeting October 11, 2010 3:15 PM Present

Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council (IAAC) Meeting
October 11, 2010
3:15 PM
Alumni Suite
McLeod Center
Present: Felly Phommalinh, John Fritch (for Joel Haack), Pat Whitt, Mark Jacobson,
Daren Koudele, Ronnie Bankston, Bob Decker, Jess Nissen, Eugene Wallingford, Lisa
Jepsen, Mick Mack (for Sue Joseph Mattison), Kay Weller, Troy Dannen
Recorder: Sheri Bishop
1. Approval of Minutes — from September 13, 2010
a. approved
2. Reports
a. NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
— Lisa Jepsen, for Anne Woodrick
i. none
b. Department of Athletics
— Compliance Officer
i. Darin Koudele presented a revised draft of the Intercollegiate Athletics
Student-Athlete Appeals Policy and Procedure. Kay Weller moved to
approve this policy, and Bob Decker seconded the motion. This version
makes small changes to draft discussed, to clarify items vis-a-vis NCAA
regulations. It also clarifies the distinction between permission to talk and
release. The council discussed this policy, but it was suggested that the
council go over it in more detail and follow up with concerns and
questions at the next meeting. Lisa Jepsen moved to table the motion
until the next meeting.
— Associate AD
— Lisa Jepsen, for Jean Berger
i. none
— Athletic Director
1. The 2010-11 Intercollegiate Athletics Directory and new organizational
chart were handed out.
2. The council will receive a policy on religion, team prayer, and related
issues at the next meeting.
4. Troy shared a story regarding a student-athlete who was injured. There is
a need for a policy on continuation of athletic aid for student-athletes in
this circumstance.
5. Athletics is in the middle of NCAA recertification. The last NCAA review
was in 2002. From that review, there are actions that UNI said it would
take, many of which were not attended to promptly. The department has
taken five of the actions in the last 18 months. One action not yet taken
was to add rugby as a women's sport. The department never did due to
cost. (One alternative under consideration is women's bowling. The
university has good relationships with the lanes in town.) Roster
management is under control, and Academic Advising is in much better
shape. The council suggested that a committee be put together to make
sure that the plan from this certification review is completed.
6. Andrea Seager from Alden & Associates visited campus to look at Title IX
compliance. The department will share the report with the council when it
is available.
3. Old Business
a. report of IAAC Structure and Responsibilities subcommittee
• Lisa, Eugene, and Anne have been working on this. The goal is to produce a
suggested revision to the council's composition, structure, and duties. These
suggestions will then be presented to IAAC, the Compliance Council, and
others (such as President Allen and VP Schellhardt) for feedback. The
committee has met twice and will meet once or twice more to work through
all the necessary issues. We hope to provide a working draft document or a
more detailed report at the November meeting. Questions and comments
can be sent to Eugene.
4. New Business
a. discuss proposed Student-Athlete Appeals Policy and Procedures
i. This was considered as part of the Compliance Officer's report.
5. Adjourn
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