Planning, Review and Budget Council M I N U T E S

Planning, Review and
Budget Council
Regular Meeting
February 12, 2014
Building 400, Room 405
3:00 – 5:00 PM
Attendees: Noel Adams, Steve Stevenson. C. Paris, Chad McCane, Dillion Peters, Charles
Parra, Rachel Ugale, Tram Vo-Kumamoto, Steve Small, Emaun Baffeci, Connie Willis, Sara
Parker, Mireille Giovanola, Carolyn Arnold, Jim Matthews, Matt Kritscher, Patricia Shannon,
Deonne Kunkel, Becky Plaza, Catherin Powell, Christine Warda, Ken Grace
Meeting started at 3:05 pm
Mission Statement
Jim Matthews stated that the new Mission Statement will be presented at the Board of
Trustees meeting for approval. The PRBC should consider reviewing the Vision, Values
and the Chabot Philosophy statements in conjunction with the accreditation standard
committee in the near future.
Accreditation the link to accreditation training documents and standards information can
be found at the bottom right hand corner of the Chabot College Home Page. This will
bring up a 2009 webpage with a link to the 2015 Accreditation website for Chabot’s
( The official accreditation visit will
occur in October of 2015. The first draft of the standard committee responses to the
Standards will be completed by the end of this academic calendar. The committees are
still looking for members. Next week at the Wednesday Flex Day, the standard
committees and the member of the college community will meet to discuss and plan on
how to respond to the Standards.
At our Technology Committee meeting today we again discussed the dire need for a
designated webmaster for the Chabot College. It is a crisis! The Technology Committee
gave the PRBC the following statements:
I am asking you if you would, on our behalf, tell the PRBC that we need a webmaster for
the following reasons:
PRBC Minutes
February 12, 2014
P age |2
1. The library site and other sites on our College website have already been hacked. We
need a webmaster to monitor the site before there is a major crisis.
2. The broken list and outdated information and glitches in the site are costing the
College, money, resources and most of all it is costing us students! It is lowering our
3. It will definitely and absolutely impact our accreditation in a very negative way.
Program Review.
Program Review
Ken presented a power point on the work done so far by the Program Review
subcommittee. The objectives and PRBC Charge were reviewed along with the
development of a strategic plan that aligns with the College Mission Statement and
Accreditation. A flow chart was presented to gather ideas and to illustrate were problems
arise in the planning, budget and decision making process. There is still quite a bit of
ambiguity on where and how decisions are made at the college level.
Rachel Ugale- Govern-Net(CurricuNet software company) will come to present their
electronic versions of Program Review and Student Learning Outcomes software to the
college at the Program review Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 5 at 3:00 pm,
room 405.
Presidential Task Force
Deonne Kunkel presented the latest work completed by the presidential taskforce. A draft
of the first year experience program pilot will be presented on Flex Day. The Presidential
Task Force is actively looking at models of the first year experience that are already in
place at the other California Community Colleges. There will be survey going to multiple
venues on campus to get feedback on the first year experience. The goal is to have a Pilot
Programming place by the fall of 2014. This pilot Program will target incoming freshmen
with the hope to enroll them a package of English, math and other GE courses. In time
these classes will be clustered in to themes, very similar to what is being done at CSUEB.
Questions arose about providing adequate support for our evening and Saturday students.
These people always seem to be left out of the equation.
Flex Day for February
Christine Warda reviewed and explained the planning and activities for Flex Day
Activities on February 18, 19 and 20th 2014.
Meeting adjourned at 4:53 PM