FINANCIAL AID Appendix F8: Facilities Requests

Appendix F8: Facilities Requests
Audience: Facilities Committee, Administrators
Purpose: To be read and responded to by Facilities Committee.
Brief Title of Request (Project Name):
Installation of large electronic signboard
700, first floor, west end of lobby
Description of the facility project. Please be as specific as possible.
Installation of an electronic information board at the west end of first floor lobby, Building 700, to
allow for immediate, rapidly changing information to students regarding Financial Aid and Admissions
& Records.
Creativity will be needed to ensure that the electronic board is large enough for the space and
population, appropriately and strategically placed, while finding network and electrical connections.
What educational programs or institutional purposes does this equipment support?
One of our greatest challenges remains communicating quickly with our students as things change
minute to minute, and to reduce the time waiting in line unnecessarily. (See section . .. ) While
students are in line, however, they are a captive audience, and we have the opportunity to share
information with them regarding critical dates, deadlines, reminders, disbursement/refund issues, etc.
Further, reminding them that much of what they have traditionally stood in line for can be
accomplished online themselves. In both cases, they can get out of line and go about their day. This
frees up Financial Aid and Admissions & Records staff to spend more time with those students who
cannot have their needs met online, and do need our attention.
This concept was originally built into the design of the Financial Aid and Admissions & Records area of
Building 700, but somewhere between the design and implementation, was lost.
Briefly describe how your request relates specifically to meeting the Strategic Plan Goal and to
enhancing student learning?
Less time standing in line, and getting information to students quickly, as it happens, will only assist
students to get about the business of finding and moving along their “critical path”.