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Student Equity Coordinating Council 12/18/14 Agenda 1. Equity Plan Approved by BOT 12/9/14 – Next Steps 2. Focusing on target populations in initiatives a. Matt would like to meet with each initiative group about connecting with target population, program/initiative development, data collection 3. Equity Training Consultancy a. College-­‐wide professional development i. National Equity Project – based in Oakland, but nationally focused, k-­‐12+ higher education ii. Process – Interview key individuals, develop retreats (i.e. for Equity Council) iii. Raising critical questions and support to address them iv. Training to help us as a council ask these questions and help faculty ask these questions of themselves (e.g. what can I do to change the way I teach? Grade? Talk to students?) 1. How to engage faculty in ways that promote interest, not resistance, in the topics of critical pedagogy? 2. How to promote individual attention to students who can inform teaching practice? 3. How to challenge assumptions supportively? With compassion and interest… 4. Faculty training venues – one day experience vs. two half days 5. Flex Days vs. other days 6. Building capacity is the strategy; versus doing it “for us” 7. FIG model in English could be replicated in different disciplines 8. Train the trainers?? 9. Umoja notion of dual commitment relationships a. Circle exercise to examine proximal relationships as related to students b. Students as co-­‐leaders to request this commitment; on their side in addressing the equity issue c. Department meetings & office hours! Developing student ambassadors for student learning connections with faculty for under-­‐
served students d. Training program for these student ambassadors and support structure e. African American students often need connection with faculty to be successful f. Sustained conversations are needed to carry forward progress i. Spaces/venues needed to support this work ii. Series of sessions for professional development would help support this iii. Trained facilitators to help support this g. Question? Join with BSI? Maybe the Basic Skills completion success indicator sub-­‐group? h. Inviting HPN, equity club advisors (e.g. BSU, Sister to Sister, etc.) v. Examples: 1. UC Irvine cited as doing good work for under-­‐served students 2. San Diego CC webinars on what matters for students b. STEM-­‐oriented professional development c. 4. Budget Set-­‐up, hiring responsibilities, requisitions, etc. a. Dean’s are responsible for administering budgets 5. Additional Requests 6. Spring 2015 organizational plan a. Meetings i. Getting training off the ground; sustaining it for cultural change ii. Flex Days? iii. Monitoring/sharing out progress iv. Developing the FY 15-­‐16 Equity Plan v. Questions for NEP? 1. How do we ensure we are not being told what we already know? 2. How do we avoid doing the work for them? 3. Conference call to include Christy, ValJean, Carmen and Matt – 1st Thursday or Friday back