Chabot College Technology Committee Minutes Ramona Silver, (Chair), Desmond Chun,

Chabot College
Technology Committee Minutes
(Technology Committee Members Present: Ramona Silver, (Chair), Desmond Chun,
Emaun Barfeei (Student Representative ASCC), Brian Beard, Norman Buchwald, Tim
Dave, Scott Hildreth, Zarir Marawala, Caren Parrish, Dillon Pieters (Communications
Director ASCC) Donald Plondke, Mike Seaton, Kurt Shadbolt, Gordon Watt, Rachel
Ugale, Lisa Ulibarri and Minta Winsor.)
Tuesday February 11, 2014
1. Scott Hildreth led our committee in unanimously voicing the imperative need for a
Chabot College designated Webmaster! In fact the college website has now become an
emergency situation that must be addressed if we are to meet our Accreditation
requirements and most especially to meet the needs of our student body. The current
state of our website is costing us money, resources, as well as both new and continuing
students. I will be contacting Ken Grace today to inform the PRBC again of the college's
dire need for a designated webmaster.
2. Status of Wireless Printing: Norman Buchwald discussed the current status of our
wireless printing pilot program. Mike Seaton and Norman Buchwald informed us that,
go print will be tested next because they have to take the whole system down for two
days. Then they can set up the wifi print test by summer. Norman also informed us that
he checked out several other colleges who will also be using the "Go Print" wireless
system and those colleges are also having to delay implementing the program. Norman
and the committee discussed the possibility of looking into other companies if the "Go
Print" does not work in the Summer in the Fall semester.
3. Agreement of Use" form for access to the On-Campus monitors: Dillon Pieters the
Communications Director for the ASCC presented a form to the Technology Committee
today that gives him permission to access the TV Monitors for ASCC events and
announcements. Norman suggested that they should use the term TV so that it is clear in
reference to what monitors they are using. Mike Seaton stated that the monitors can show
numerous slides and that they will in no way interfere with the Administrative Assistants
and that he already has their approval. Scott Hildreth suggested that Sarah Parker the
Faculty sponsor sign the form. Scott Hildreth also suggested that they pilot it
immediately and do some kind of student survey to see if they are reaching students. The
Technology Committee unanimously approved the form!
4. WiFi Access for offices in 702 and other areas on the Campus: Kathryn Linzmeyer
had requested that something be implemented so that she could have wifi in her office.
Mark Smythe came through and put in a wifi box for them so that they can work in the
office area and it solved their immediate concern. We then discussed the problem of
implementing wifi in other areas. In Building 700 for example their are security concerns
so wifi is available in some areas for students but not everywhere. Also, there may be
other areas that need it but have not asked for it. The committee discussed that we need a
long term goal/plan for wifi in the immediate future; especially since we are up for
accreditation soon. Mike Seaton pointed out that we do not currently have in place
enough resources or funds to actually supply enough wifi access that is fast that will
accommodate the future needs of our campus. The Technology Committee unanimously
agreed that we will need to construct a plan for future wifi needs and that we need to
begin working on it immediately.
5. The Chair asked for volunteers for the Mobile App trial. Tim Dave, Norman
Buchwald, Zarir Marawala, Minta Winsor, Lisa Ulibarri, Donald Plondike and Ramona
SIlver all would like to try it out with their students. Ramona will send an email to
Jeannine Methe to let her know.
6. Kathryn Linzmeyer informed the chair that the Accreditation team for Technology,
wants to work with the Technology Committee) to review things and get input. Ramona
let her know what our meeting times are and we are looking forward to working with the
7. Caren Parrish, asked if there was a way to use Group Wise through her regular email
program on her phone. Also, she asked for a manual/handout to explain to faculty how to
use group wise on a smart phone. Mike Seaton offered to contact Ken Augustine to
discuss how this can be done. Usually we use the web browser on our smart phones to
read emails and reply. However, not all phones are the same. The Committee will look
into how to get the information on how to use Group Wise on a phone to our faculty. We
will discuss this again at our next meeting.
Next Technology Meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday February 25, 2014 at Noon in Room