System Administration Chapter 2 Quiz

System Administration Chapter 2 Quiz
1. The Transport layer breaks _________ into appropriate-sized packages.
a. datagrams
b. packets
c. frames
d. messages
2. Which type of communication requires that a clocking signal be sent with the transmission to mark
where a message starts and stops?
a. Synchronous
b. Asychronous
c. Polysynchronous
d. Unisynchronous
3. Logical addressing and routing are two functions of the _____________ layer of the OSI Model.
a. Physical
b. Network
c. Session
d. Application
4. When a message is sent to a receiving node, and part of that message does not get there, what does the
receiving node send to alert the sending node of this failure?
c. ACK
5. 56:A0:00:57:AA:BB:41:92 is an example of a(n)
a. IP address.
b. IPX address.
c. MAC address.
d. AppleTalk address.
6. Which network topology is easiest to reconfigure?
a. star
b. ring
c. mesh
d. bus
7. At what layer(s) of the OSI Model does a network interface card operate?
a. Physical
b. Data Link
c. Network
d. Transport
8. What layer of the OSI Model is responsible for encryption/decryption?
a. Application
b. Transport
c. Session
d. Presentation
9. Which of the following allows translation between two different network environments?
a. doorway
b. router
c. gateway
d. bridge
10. The OSI Model sets strict standards for development of protocols and devices used in networking.
a. True
b. False