SO LONG AS YOU MOVE Daniel Crooks Curated by Shaun Gladwell

Daniel Crooks
Shaun Gladwell
Bianca Hester
David RosetZky
Curated by
Patrice Sharkey and Alia Swastika
Ark Galerie in partnership with Monash University Museum of Art [MUMA]
presents So Long as You Move, an exhibition of key video artworks by four
leading contemporary Australian artists that present the body in motion.
Co-curated by Ark Galerie’s Alia Swastika and MUMA’s Patrice Sharkey,
the exhibition includes works by artists Daniel Crooks, Shaun Gladwell,
Bianca Hester and David Rosetzky, which engage with ideas relating to
spatial negotiations and the urban experience. Whether dancing, spinning,
skateboarding or simply walking, each work explores ways in which the body
performs in real space.
In So Long as You Move the city serves as the platform for the flow of people.
Not limited by the laws of physics or the guidelines of urban infrastructure,
the artists in the exhibition visualise how cities might be lived – how the body
can be mobilised to reimagine the spaces we inhabit and the relationships we
foster. These are new dynamics that are within reach, so long as you move.
Exhibition dates
15 August – 15 September 2014
'We are delighted that MUMA’s Patrice Sharkey has been able to work with
Alia Swastika and Ark Galerie to curate this snapshot from the Collection
that highlights the influence of the moving body and performativity on
contemporary practice – and especially on recent video art in Australia. Their
curatorial selection is reflective of artists’ engagement with spaces around
them and in relation with each other, as well as the increasing influence on the
visual arts of art happenings, choreographed movement and dance.'
Charlotte Day, MUMA Director
'[So Long as You Move] will show Indonesian audiences the diversity and
sophistication of contemporary Australian arts and culture. Using the arts to
showcase aspects of modern Australia helps to build people-to-people links,
deepen cultural understanding and add vigour to the relationship between our
two countries.’
Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia
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Daniel Crooks
A garden of parallel paths 2012
(film still)
Daniel Crooks
Born 1973, Hastings, New Zealand; lives and works in Melbourne.
A garden of parallel paths 2012 by Daniel Crooks splices together tracking
shots of Melbourne laneways into a seamless ambulatory gaze down these
narrow slices of urban space.
Recent exhibitions include: Daniel Crooks, Anne & Gordon Samstag
Museum of Art, Adelaide, 2013; Marking Time, Museum of Contemporary Art,
Sydney, 2012; and Move on Asia, Tate Modern, London, 2010, Istanbul, 2012;
and Manifesta 9, Genk, 2012.
Shaun Gladwell
Born 1972, Sydney; lives and works in London.
Guide to recent architecture: fountains (excerpt) 2000-07 is part of a
performance series by Gladwell in which various urban spaces in Sydney
featuring water fountains provide the stage for skateboard performances. Each
performance describes a relationship between the designed and proscribed
functions of the civil space in which the performance takes place.
Recent exhibitions include: Shaun Gladwell: Cycles of Radical Will,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013, and Broken Dance
(Beatboxed), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2012. In 2009 Gladwell
represented Australia at the 53rd Venice Biennale.
Bianca Hester
Born 1975, Melbourne; lives and works in Sydney.
Hoops: sound tests, performances, documents 2013 by Bianca Hester is a
choreographed sound and video installation which documents a series of
performances exploring the potential for producing gestures and sounds by
rolling and turning steel hoops.
Recent exhibitions include: You Imagine What You Desire, 19th Sydney
Biennale, 2014; Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, 2013; and only
from the perspective of a viewer situated upon the surface of the earth does
day and night occur, Glasgow International Festival, 2012.
David RosetZky
Born 1970, Melbourne, Victoria; lives and works in Melbourne.
Set in a half-built room, David Rosetzky’s Half brother 2013 is an intimate video
that captures three men caught in a dance with a stack of paper. While the
men interact with this material – ripping, stacking and re-purposing the sheets
of paper – they also carefully negotiate each other’s bodies and movements, as
well as their audience.
Recent exhibitions include: David Rosetzky, Ten Cubed, Melbourne, 2014; True
Self: David Rosetzky Selected Works, Centre for Contemporary Photography,
Melbourne, 2013; We Used to Talk About Love, Art Gallery of New South
Wales, Sydney, 2013; and South by Southeast, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
Photography, 2011.
From top to bottom:
Daniel Crooks
A garden of parallel paths 2012
(film still)
Shaun Gladwell
Guide to recent architecture:
fountains (excerpt) 2000-07
(film still)
Bianca Hester
Sonic alterations of constructed
space, with metal objects 2014
courtesy the artist and Sarah Scout
Presents, Melbourne
David Rosetzky
Half brother 2013
(film still)