Position: Financial Planning Resident Company: Upperline Financial Planning

Position: Financial Planning Resident
Company: Upperline Financial Planning
Location: New Orleans, LA
Contact: H. Jude Boudreaux, CFP® - [email protected]
Brief Description: We're a growing RIA in New Orleans, working on developing new business
models beyond the traditional Assets Under Management paradigm. With that we've developed
some new pricing structures that have allowed us to work profitably with young professionals
and other clients that are not a good fit for the traditional firms.
I was President of the FPA's NexGen community in 2008 and have been discussing on a
national level for years the need for career paths for planners that aren't dependent upon
production. With that in mind we're creating our residency program. We're looking for
somebody with technical skills to come in and handle planning data entry, and you'll have client
contact in a support role from your first day here. You'll have some administrative tasks and be
responsible for handling some things in the office when I'm out, but will have a very flexible work
environment where you'll be encouraged to try things, take chances, ask questions, and
develop a tremendous skillset that will allow you to meet the CFP requirements and ultimately
leave to take an advisory role with another firm or start your own.
We expect that you'll learn
- How things work in an advisory firm
- How to work with clients
- How to run meetings
- How we do financial planning inputs
And ultimately you'll go from a paraplanner to running meetings on your own and having your
own clients if you wish.
We'll pay your salary which is negotiable, an education budget that can cover your CFP exam
prep materials (if needed), attendance to the annual FPA NexGen conference, and your FPA
Membership. We've got a ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) so you'll have as much
time off as you want within reason and office task coverage, but I'm glad to work with you on
Our start date is flexible depending on the right candidate. Our preference is for somebody to
begin in January, but we are willing to hold the position until May/June for the right candidate.
Please email me with a cover letter expressing your interest and your resume!
Yours truly,