Math 1210 Sec. 4 Instructor: Jian Du, LCB 313, Phone: 801-585-1645

Math 1210 Sec. 4
M,T,W,F 11:50 AM - 12:40 PM, Room: JFB 102
Jian Du, LCB 313, Phone: 801-585-1645
Office Hours:
Tuesday 1:30-3:30 PM, and by appointment
[email protected]
Web Page:˜du/1210.html
“Calculus with Differential Equations,” 9th ed., Varberg, Purcell and
Grades of C or better in MATH 1050 and 1060, or math ACT score of
at least 28
Grade Policy:
Homework 30%
Homework will be assigned on a daily basis. These assignments will be collected
once per week, on Monday, before the start of class. Late homework will NOT
be accepted under any circumstances.
Midterms 40% (20% × 2)
Two midterm exams will be given during the semester. These exams will be
given on February 20th and March 23rd. You MUST bring a valid photo ID to
the exams.
Final Exam 30%
Contents to be covered Chapter 1 - Chapter 5.
ADA Accomodations: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, cognitive, systemic learning, and psychiatric
disabilities. Students need to contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to discuss any
such accommodations that they may require for this course.
Additional Remarks: You may not use books, notes, or calculators during the exams. Cheating
will not be tolerated and may result in severe academic sanctions. Eating and disruptive talking
in class will not be tolerated. On the other hand, asking and responding to questions in class is