DynaLite Graduate Student Seminar Jon Hasenbank Teaching College Math for Understanding:

DynaLite Graduate Student Seminar
Teaching College Math for Understanding:
Without Sacrificing Procedural Skill
Jon Hasenbank
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Montana State University
Monday, January 30, 4:10 – 5:00
2–244 Hurst Conference Room
This talk will focus on the use of an instructional method that can help college algebra students (as well as more advanced students) develop an understanding of the
mathematics procedures they study. The teaching method is based on a framework of
student-oriented questions designed to prompt students (and instructors) to consider
the connectedness of mathematics topics as they learn (and teach). While my core
results are still being triangulated with other data sources, the early evidence suggests
that it is possible to teach in a way that promotes students’ understanding without
hurting their performance on skills-oriented common hour exams.