Math1210 Weekly Assignment 8

Math1210 Weekly Assignment 8
Spring, 2016
(Graphing functions - Mean Value Thm 3.5, 3.6)
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Instructions: Please show all of your work as partial credit will be given where appropriate,
and there may be no credit given for problems where there is no work shown. All answers
should be completely simplified, unless otherwise stated. No calculators or electronics of
any kind are allowed. (Total of 35 points possible.)
1. (20 points) Sketch a graph of the following functions using calculus. Justify all your
work (you may want to refer to the method on page 181 of the textbook).
(a) f (x) =
3x4 − 20x3
(b) f (x) =
x2 − 4x + 3
x2 − x − 2
Page 2
(c) f (x) = 2 cos2 (3x)
for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2π
Page 3
2. (10 points) Let f (x) be a continuous function and let f 0 (x) have the graph shown
below. Sketch a graph for f (x) according to the information provided by its derivative;
in particular, try and answer the following
(a) Where is f (x) increasing/decreasing?
(b) Where is f (x) concave up/down?
(c) Where does f (x) attain local max/min?
Page 4
Page 5
3. (5 points) John travelled 112 miles in 2 hours to go and visit his mom. She is worried
about John speeding up too much, and when he arrives she asks him if he ever broke
the speed limit of 55 mph. John says no, but is he telling the truth? [Hint: use Mean
Value Theorem].
Page 6