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Student Union & Activities Involvement Center Die Cut Shapes: -­‐ Alphabet in three different fonts -­‐ Number 0-­‐9 -­‐ Two styles of big double T’s (must come to Main Office to check out Rm. 203) -­‐ Small double T (Main Office Rm. 203) -­‐ Big and small guns up (Main Office Rm. 203) -­‐ Big masked rider (Main Office Rm. 203) -­‐ The Greek letters (see list posted) -­‐ Teddy Bear -­‐ Snow Flake -­‐ Clover -­‐ Tulip -­‐ “Go Team” -­‐ Cheerleader -­‐ Question Mark -­‐ Period -­‐ Exclamation Mark -­‐ Comma -­‐ Shovel -­‐ Rake -­‐ Lawn Mower -­‐ Puzzle Piece -­‐ Butterfly -­‐ Star -­‐ Balloon -­‐ Jack o’ Lantern -­‐ Ribbons -­‐ Dinosaur -­‐ Wheel Barrow -­‐ Heart -­‐ Ladder -­‐ Turkey -­‐ Evergreen Tree -­‐ Foldable box Other Services Offered -­‐ Laminator (retrieve key from rm. 203) -­‐ Paint buckets (check out from rm. 203) -­‐ Paper cutters (available in the involvement center) -­‐ Rolled butcher paper -­‐ Different colored construction paper -­‐ We DO NOT provide students with supplies such as scissors, ruler, tape, stapler, and glue. The student is responsible for these items if needed for a project. -­‐ This area is for the use of TTU Register Student Organizations. All supplies are not for personal use. Please do not remove the rolls of butcher paper from this area. -­‐All Student Organizations are allowed to also make (one sided) 100 black and white copies and 50 color copies for free per month. We can print double sided but you will consume (2) copies per sheet. You may use the colored paper from the involvement center for the black and white copies. You will need to count out the sheets and bring them for the copies. Copies exceeding the free amount will be $.08 per b/w copy and $.06 per color copy. -­‐If you have questions call the main office at 742-­‐3636 or send an email to