PURCHASING CARD UPDATE Monthly Closing Information

Texas Tech University
Accounts Payables— P-Card Services
June 8, 2009
Monthly Closing Information
As a reminder, the Purchasing Card statement will
always close on the 5th of the month or the next
business day if the 5th falls on a weekend.
If there are budget errors, the cardholder and / or
reconciler will receive an email notifying them of
which FOAP and expense did not upload.
As the fiscal year comes to a close, we remind you
that FOP’s 11B027 & portions of 11B023 will be
swept in July. Any charges to be allocated to these
FOP’s have to POST by 7/06/09
We have been advised by EH&S to no longer allow
the use of p-cards for the purchase of Toxins and
Select Agents. As a service to EH&S, we will be
monitoring for such purchases beginning with
purchases after June 8, 2009.
To contact us:
P-Card Services
329 Drane Hall, Mail Stop 1107
(806) 742-3260
Nancy Ruiz, Section Coordinator
ENDING 06/05/09
Transactions 05/06/09
through 06/05/09
Allocations for the
statement ending 06/05/09
will need to be entered
in Pathway Net by
5:00pm, Monday,
June 15th.
Please do not make any
changes to the 06/05
statement in Pathway Net
after the deadline.
The changes will not be
reflected in the upload
that will process to Banner
on Wednesday, June 17,
Purchasing Reminders
™ Purchases for Services may not be placed on the p-card. These
must go through TechBuy
™ Restricted purchase list:
™ Missing receipt form:
™ Prizes, gifts and awards not allowable, Must use TechBuy
™ Food forms completed per OP72.05 Signatures required
™ Sales Tax is not allowable -provide credit receipt from vendor or a
personal check/cash
™ Original itemized receipts are required or lost receipt form
submitted (see attached) Lost receipt form not acceptable for State
™ Registration Fees must include registration forms and brochures
Processing Reminders
™ Detailed description of the items purchased entered in Pathway no
later than the due date
™ Default FOP on file for all cardholders are required (no state or
™ Financial Mgr/Approver must have approval:
™ Account Codes are required see:
™ FOP changes or no longer valid FOP’s need to be removed from
Pathway, email to remove
™ Sponsored Program FOP’s require benefit to project statements
™ Membership fee’s approval list
™ Chart of Accounts is a required field T for TTU, S for System, or H
for HSC
™ FOAP’s should have funds available for all charges that have not
processed, please verify your FOP’s