Exam # 1 Review Topics §Chapter 1.

Exam # 1 Review Topics
§Chapter 1.
1.1 - Identify the differences between populations and samples, parameters
and statistics.
1.2 - Identify the type of data set (qualitative or quantitative) and one of
the four levels of measurement for the data.
1.3 - Identify the best type of data collection for a study and the design
of an experiment. Strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of sample
§Chapter 2.
2.1 - Construct a frequency diagram by choosing the number of classes,
finding class width from the range, writing the class limits, and tallying
frequencies. Graphically represent a frequency distribution, using a histogram, frequency polygon, or ogive. Analyze a graphical summary of a
frequency distribution.
2.2 - How and when it is useful to make a stem-and-leaf plot. How and
when it is useful to make pie charts, and bar graphs / Pareto graphs.
2.3 - How to compute a mean. How to find a median and a mode. Know
how they compare, and how they are affected by outliers. Compute a
weighted mean.
2.4 - Range, deviations, and the different formulats for population variance
and sample variance. Sums of square deviations is SSx . Taking square roots
of a variance gets a standard deviation.
2.5 - Position, quartiles, and the inter-quartile range. Calculate z-scores.