Math 1100-006 Quiz 5 7 October, 2011

Math 1100-006
Quiz 5
7 October, 2011
Answer the questions in the spaces provided. If you run out of room for an
answer, you may continue on the back. Show all of your work. Round
answers as appropriate (dollar amounts to the nearest penny, and quantities
to whole numbers where logical). Include units when necessary.
1. A shopping club charges its members $200 per year. However, for each new member in
excess of 60, the charge for every member is reduced by $2. What number of members
leads to a maximum revenue? What is the maximum revenue?
2. A farmer wishes to enclose a 4000 square meter field and subdivide the field into four
rectangular plots with fences parallel to one of the sides. What should the dimensions
of the field be in order to minimize the amount of fencing required?
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