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Department of Counseling, Administration, Supervision & Adult Learning
College of Education
Student’s Evaluation of Site Supervisor
Practicum Student: _______________________________
Site: ____________________________________________
On-Site Supervisor________________________________
Rating Scale:
4 = Exceeds Expectations
3 = Meets Expectations
2 = Needs Improvement
1 = Unsatisfactory
X = Not Applicable
Areas of Performance
4 3 2 1 X
Demonstrates knowledge and expertise in counseling.
Clear in communicating expectations.
Gives feedback in a compassionate and supportive manner
Effectively models professionalism in the workplace.
Respectful of student’s ideas and input.
Consistently available and approachable for consultation.
Has positive regard for the counseling profession.
Functions in an ethical manner
Fosters an environment of student growth and progress.
Encourages increasing student independence.
Please provide written explanation of your evaluation scores.
Written Evaluation (attach additional sheet if necessary):
Signature of Student: ____________________________ Date: __________________
Site Supervisor Evaluation/rev. 2010