How Do I Look Up Room Capacity & Details

How Do I Look Up Room Capacity & Details
1. Navigate to the Resources tab where you will find the Room file.
2. Use the filter on the left hand side to enter your search criteria; main campus is under the TLB campus. Select
Search to launch the new information. The capacity and room type listed in the main grid to the right of the
search box
3. For a quick view of the room, hover your cursor over the piece of paper icon next to the room number and the
Room Details box will appear
Last updated on 06-25-2013
4. To see the entire room record Select the room you wish to view.
In the top section you will find the Room Info.
Below in the Features you will find detailed information for each room including the feature name,
quantity, and description. If a room contains a particular feature, it will be listed in this section. Quantity
indicates the number of each feature for that room. If the "Quantity" is blank, then it is either not applicable
for that feature or unknown.
You can also view Usage Controls, Custom Fields, Partitions, and Notes down below on the same
5. To go back to the main grid select Back or All Rooms
Last updated on 06-25-2013