Selected Sponsored Project Awards 2002-2003

Research & Sponsored Projects
Selected Sponsored Project Awards
Source of Funding
Biology Department
Chromatin Biosynthesis Defining the Deposition Coce
Urban Ecology Field Study Program
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Center for Religion and American Public Life
Fulbright American Studies Institute on Religion in Contemporary America
U.S. Department of State
Chemistry Department
Heterogeneous Oxidation and Activation of Atmospheric Organic Aerosols
Detection of Helicobacter Pylori Using Electrical DNA Detection
National Science Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Computer Science
Intensive Education Program in Advanced Logistics
U.S. Department of Education
$ 74,400
Geology and Geophysics Department
New England Seismic Network
U.S. Geological Survey
Institute for Scientific Research
Methods for Determining Source Signatures
U.S. Air Force
Irish Institute
Programs for Ireland
U.S. Department of State
Law School
Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project/Girls Justice Initiative
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Invariants of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds and Applications
National Science Foundation
Physics Department
NIRT: Nanoscale Magnetic Microscopy
National Science Foundation
Psychology Department
Emotional Granularity: A View from Upper Levels
National Institute of Mental Health
School of Education
Math Excellence-Brighton High School Partnership
Preparation of Teachers in Severe Disabilities and Deafblind
Early Intervention Collaborative Study
General Electric Fund
U.S. Department of Education
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
School of Management
Center for Retirement Research
Social Security Administration
School of Nursing
Reminiscence During Bathing Persons with AD at Home
National Institute of Nursing Research
School of Social Work
Cash and Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Lower-Income Families and Work Initiative
Ford Foundation
Source: Office of Sponsored Programs