Weeks 1-3 Summary

Weeks 1-3 Summary
1. Title Bar, Standard Toolbar, Formatting Toolbar and Formula Bar.
2. Open new and existing Excel workbooks (Standard toolbar)
3. Make a copy of a workbook (File  Save As…)
4. Enter simple formulas (e.g., =A1+B1-C1)
5. Delete columns and/or rows (using the Menu Bar or right click menu)
6. AutoComplete typing feature
7. Undo/Redo command (Standard Toolbar)
8. Display/Un-display cell formulas (Ctrl+`)
9. Change cell width or row height (right click, click and drag, double click)
10. Page Setup (File  Page Setup… or Print Preview window button)
11. Print Preview (Standard toolbar)
12. Insert, delete, and rename worksheets and add color to worksheet tabs
13. Relative vs. Absolute vs. Mixed cell references in formulas (use F4 to change)
14. Formula (=A1+A2+A3+A4+A5) and functions (=SUM(A1:A5) or =AVERAGE (A1:A5))
15. AutoSum function (Standard toolbar)
16. Format Cells (Formatting toolbar)
a. Font Type, Size, Bold, Italics, Underline
b. Align Left, Center, Align Right, Merge and Center
c. Borders, Fill Color, Font Color, Format Painter
d. Currency style, Accounting style, Percent style
e. Wrapping text, Merge and Center
17. Header and Footer information
18. Entering formulas using the ‘Point-and-Click’ method
19. Using the fill handle to copy cell formulas
20. Isolating assumptions in a Worksheet
21. Inserting comments in a Worksheet
22. Centering a Worksheet horizontally before printing
23. Printing row and column headings and gridlines
24. Selecting non-adjacent cells using the ‘Ctrl’ key
25. Conditional formatting
26. Inserting a hyperlink
27. Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page
28. Importing external data (MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes)
29. Using the ‘Today()’ function and date arithmetic
30. Adding clip art to a Worksheet
31. Creating Pie Charts (simple and 3-D) using the Chart Wizard
32. Creating Column and Bar Charts
33. Adding a Text Box to a chart
34. Using the Drawing toolbar
35. Object Linking and Embedding an Excel worksheet and/or chart into a Word document.
36. Creating combination (column and line) chart
Note: It would be a good idea to review the PowerPoint handouts, read the white pages in
chapters 1-3 and review the multiple choice questions at the end of the chapters 1-3
(pages 54-55, 96-97 and 148-149) as a review for the first quiz.
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