APPSI Meeting Update on new licensing pilot and Creative Commons solution

Update on new licensing pilot
and Creative Commons solution
APPSI Meeting
Jim Wretham and Jo Ellis
17 February 2010
OPSI and licensing – re-use in practice
 Licensing history and development – from paper-based to
online licensing
 Online licensing
system introduced - 2001
 PSI Licence
 Value Added Licence - introduced 2004
Putting the Frontline First: smarter government
We will make a number of important technical
improvements to public data: we will aim for the
majority of government-published information to be
reusable, linked data by June 2010; and we will
establish a common licence to reuse data which is
interoperable with the internationally recognised
Creative Commons model.
Move towards a non-transactional licence
 Technological developments + policy developments in
information and PSI = move to non-transactional licensing
 Power of Information
 Making Public Data Public
 Putting the Frontline First: smarter government
New licensing model for government
information and data
 Research and consultation
 PSI Perspectives Blog
Encourage and enabling re-use of government
data and information – positive emphasis
 Simpler, clearer set of terms and conditions
 Human- and machine-readable
Terms of re-use
You are free:
to Share — to copy, publish and distribute the content
to Adapt — to adapt the content
With the following conditions:
Acknowledgment — You need to say who originated the
content wherever you publish it.
You must not use the content in a deliberately misleading way.
Read the full licence
Creative Commons
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