Homework 5: Due Monday 6/23/14

Homework 5:
Due Monday 6/23/14
1. Given the points (−3, −1), (6, −4), and (1, 6), which two points are closest together?
Which two are farthest apart?
Note: For problems 2 and 3 you will not get a number as your answer.
2.Let P be the point (2, 4). Given the line g(x) = −3x + 1 write an expression in terms
of x that represents the distance between the line g(x) and the point P . Simplify your
HINT: We can represent any point on g(x) as (x, g(x)) which is the point (x, −3x + 1).
Now you can calculate the distance between this point and the point (2, 4).
3. What is the distance between any point on the X-axis (x, 0) and the point directly
above it that lies on y = x2 given by (x, x2 )? Why does this answer make sense?
4. Find the equation of the circle centered at (−2, 3) with radius 7.
5. Find the equation of a circle if (4, −4) is the center and the point (5, −1) lies on the