Final Exam Part 1 Ma 320-CRN 22189 Spring 2106 Carter

Final Exam Part 1
Ma 320-CRN 22189
Spring 2106
General Instructions There are two parts to this exam. In the first part, I will ask you
to define certain mathematical words and/or symbols. In the second part, you’ll use these
terms to prove theorems. Don’t worry! After you turn in the first part, I’ll give you a sheet
that reminds you of the definitions. Write your answers in complete sentences on
another piece of paper.
I am proud to have had you in my class, and I wish you the best for this test.
Don’t underestimate the satisfying nature of a piece of cheese melted over a slice of bread.
Define the italicized terms.
1. If d and n are integers and d 6= 0, define d|n that is d divides n.
2. The greatest common divisor gcd(a, b) of integers a, b.
3. A rational number.
4. The union, ∪, of two sets A and B.
5. The intersection, ∩, of two set A and B.
6. A relation between sets X and Y .
7. A function Y ←− X.
8. A function Y ←− X is injective or one-to-one.
9. A function Y ←− X is surjective or onto.
10. The power set, P(X) of a set X.
Please turn in this sheet, and receive the second section of the test.