Enlightenment/Freudian Theory Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion On Crimes and Punishments

Enlightenment/Freudian Theory
David Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishments
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality; On the Social Contract
Voltaire, Candide; Zadig; Micromegas
Immanuel Kant, What is Enlightenment?
Norbert Elias, The Civilizing Process
Jürgen Habermas, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish
Patrice Higonnet, Goodness Beyond Virtue
Joan Landes, Women and the Public Sphere in the French Revolution
Edward Said, Orientalism
Larry Wolff, Inventing Eastern Europe
Robert Darnton, Forbidden Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France
Isaiah Berlin, Three Critics of the Enlightenment
Lisbet Koerner, Linnaeus: Nature and Nation
John T. Alexander, Catherine the Great
Richard Bushman, The Refinement of America
Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents; Three Essays on the Theory of
Sexuality; The Interpretation of Dreams; Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His
Childhood; Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria [Dora case]; Psychoanalytic
Notes Upon an Autobiographical Account of a Case of Paranoia [Schreber case]
Carl Schorske, Fin-de-Siècle Vienna
Arthur Schnitzler, The Road Into the Open; Dream Story
Larry Wolff, Postcards from the Edge: Child Abuse in Freud’s Vienna
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