Mobilizing the Library centered technology perspective ALCTS Webinar

Mobilizing the Library
Shifting the focus of the library to a usercentered technology perspective
ALCTS Webinar
May 15 2013
Sonya Betz and Rob Zylstra
MacEwan University, Edmonton AB
Background: The mobile connected world
User Experience: Definition and impact
The Problem: Users’ experience in our environments
User-Centered Design: Make your users feel awesome
Poll # 1
Do you use a mobile device? Yes or No
Poll # 2
In the past week, did you use your mobile device
(smartphone or tablet) to ...
a. Look up factoids on the internet
b. Find reviews or recommendations (restaurants, movies, etc.)
c. Used an app to do something (make a grocery list, watch Netflix,
online banking, etc.)
Our Customers
UK Smartphone ownership, 2010-2013
eDigital Research. (2013). The Explosion of Mobile [excerpt]. Retrieved from
Our Customers
U.S. Smartphone ownership, Sept 2012
Rainie, L. (2012). Smartphone Ownership Update: September 2012 [excerpt]. Retrieved from
Our Customers
UK Smartphone Browsing, 2010-2013
eDigital Research. (2013). The Explosion of Mobile [excerpt]. Retrieved from
Our Customers:
Tablet computers are likely going to
outsell PC + Laptop market in 2013
The Web is Dead?
“mobile access of the
internet will surpass
that of PC’s by 2015”
Anderson, Chris, and Michael Wolff. “The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet.” Wired 18.9 (2010): 111-118.
The Next Generation
95% of teens 12-17 are online
Internet use has transformed
from stationary to always-on
One in four teens are “cellmostly” internet users
Half of teen smartphone
owners are “cell-mostly”
internet users
PEW - March 13 2013 - Teens and Technology 2013
User Experience
Consider the impacts of online user experience
User Experience
...refers to the interaction between a
person (patron) and a system
(service) including their actions and
...what the person wants to do, what
they actually do, and their feelings
about doing it.
User Experience
Good usability results in feelings of trust and satisfaction.
Trust and Satisfaction produce long-term customer relationships.
Users who trust in a service and are satisfied will tell their friends.
Casalo, L. V., Flavian, C., & Guinaliu, M. (2010). Generating Trust and Satisfaction in E-Services: The Impact of Usability on Consumer Behavior.
Journal of Relationship Marketing, 9(4), 247–263.
Relationship Marketing
If patrons don’t like an experience they won’t talk about it.
If they hate it they'll talk negatively about it.
If they like it they’ll tell their friends.
Gauging User Experience
Poor online experiences damage brands and annoy customers.
Google Analytics in Real Life
Food for Thought:
What kind of experience do you think our
users have in our online environments?
-library websites
-library catalogues
-online databases
-ebook platforms
-other t
A typical user experience
And finally...
How Our Users Feel
“Satisfaction with the library is high when it comes
to helpfulness of staff and services. However, in
terms of the library’s collections (i.e., books,
journals, videos/DVDs, eā€resources, etc.),
satisfaction is moderate, at best, and has been
decreasing steadily since 2008.”
-MacEwan University’s 2010 Baccalaureate Survey
How Our Users Feel
“... the greatest levels of dissatisfaction are
focused on expectations for a website that
enables users to locate information on their own,
easy-to-use access tools that allow users to find
things on their own and making information easily
accessible for independent use. “
-LibQual 2011 Survey
How They REALLY Feel
Search engine sucks
It shouldn’t be so difficult
User Centered Design
@ MacEwan University Library
Service Integration
“The Library has a rich base of online
services and resources; it now needs
to consolidate those resources into a
single, consistent user experience”
Key concepts
One access point replacing multiple access points
Mobile and desktop interfaces
User aware
Fast and intuitive access
Consistent and predictable experience
Project Deliverables
Mobile (iPhone App) - Fall 2012
Full-scale web (responsive design) - Fall 2013
Project Mottos
Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast.*
and also...
We’re not always the experts.
* Michael Edson - Computers in Libraries 2012
Where are we
User Centered Design
Make your users feel awesome, not confused.
User Centered Design
How do we shift the focus to user-centered design in our online spaces?
usability, aesthetic,
motivation, collaboration,
relationships, discovery,
trust, satisfaction
Customization is an option.
Technology - API’s
Consolidation of 3 separate spaces
website (library info), Ebsco Discovery (search), Sirsi ILS (account)
• Sirsi
Ebsco Discovery Service API
Sirsi Web Services
• holds
• items out
• renew
• fees
Library Info
Next steps...
• duplicate
this experience on the web
• integrate
more systems
• provide
access via all devices