Recording sheet for looking at a school building Date of visit

Recording sheet for looking at a school building
Name of the school:
Date of visit:
Is there a date on the school building?
What is the type of school?
Describe the school:
[Look at the windows, doors, layout, colour of bricks, patterns or decoration, words or
notices on the building]
Draw and label a diagram [on the back of this sheet] to explain what you notice.
Take a photograph of this school if possible.
What materials do you think this building is made from?
Is it damaged or well kept, or has it been rebuilt or added to?
Do you think it was cheap/expensive school to build? Do you think craftsmen were
involved in building it in any way?
What do they think it would be like to go to school here?
Is this school similar in design to other buildings in my area of study?
How does this school help me with my local history study?