Graduate Practicum Job Description

Graduate Practicum Job Description
The practicum position within the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution at
Northeastern, provides graduate students with experience in Northeastern’s student conduct
system. Through this experience, graduate students will develop skills they can transfer to all
aspects of student affairs. In addition, graduate students will develop their philosophy of conduct,
increase critical thinking skills, and learn about the intricacies of working in a high profile yet
extremely confidential field. The student will be able to apply classroom learning to practical
 To develop a working knowledge of a comprehensive student conduct system
 To develop and enhance critical thinking, interpersonal, and organizational skills
 To utilize problem solving and decision making
 To gain experience as a hearing administrator and become familiar with the roles and
functions of student conduct
 To increase understanding of legal issues by participating in discussions regarding
national cases of importance
 To apply classroom learning to practical experience
 To gain exposure with the professional competencies in preparing for a career within
student affairs
 Receive and read all materials related to The Code of Student Conduct; this includes a
comprehensive manual for student conduct officers. The student is responsible for
knowing the information in these documents.
 Attend and participate in training for hearing administrator (preferably in late August)
 Serve as a hearing administrator and resolve cases through an administrative setting
 Serve as a co-hearing administrator in Student Conduct Board hearings, once it is
determined the student is ready for such a responsibility
 Meet with students informally to discuss expectations, The Code of Student Conduct, or to
help students with a particular issue
 Perform all necessary administrative work related to assigned cases
 Be an active member of the OSCCR staff and participate in staff meetings and workshops
 Each student will be provided opportunities for professional development by working on
special projects in areas determined in conjunction with their direct supervisor. These
areas have included:
 Disruptive Gatherings Seminars
 Conflict Resolution/Alternative Dispute Resolution
 Student Conduct Board Recruitment/Selection/Training
 Assessment/Statistics
 Community Outreach/Education
 Other duties as assigned by OSCCR
 OSCCR works on a team philosophy. Therefore, qualified candidates must be able to
work as a team as well as independently. In addition, OSCCR looks for candidates who
are organized, hard-working, open-minded, flexible, and want to help students in a
positive manner. Because this can be intense work, candidates should have a sense of
 The practicum appointment is for 1 academic year
 Students are expected to fulfill the hour requirement stipulated in their graduate school
program, distributing these hours equally throughout the Fall/Spring semesters
Application Deadline:
 A resume should be sent to Miranda Perry, Associate Director, Office Student Conduct
and Conflict Resolution, at [email protected], by Saturday, February 20, 2015