Food & Nutrition Services Department School Field Trips ATTENTION

Food & Nutrition Services Department
School Field Trips
School Requesting Field Trip Meals: ______________________________
All orders must be placed two weeks in advance
Section I
Teachers Full Name
Date of Request:
Date of Field Trip
Total Number of Student
Field Trip Meals Requested
Time the Meals will be needed
** Request for Parent Letter**
In your Field Trip Guidelines a sample letter is available to send home to parents to request a
meal. Send this request home with the parent’s approval letter. Return money and request
form for a paid meal one day prior to field trip. If no money is received the student’s account
will be charged.
This Section is Completed by Food Services:
Section II: Food Services Only
Number of Meals Prepared
Number of Coolers
Section III: Food Service Only
Number of Meals Posted in
Number of Meals Returned
Attach a Food Service Check off Roster that has been confirmed by cashier
and manager.