Integrating West Virginia Next Generation Standards with West Virginia Student...

Integrating West Virginia Next Generation Standards with West Virginia Student Success Standards
West Virginia Next Generation
West Virginia Student Success
SS.5.C.1 : illustrate the rights,
responsibilities, duties, and privileges of
a patriotic citizen within authentic
situations (e.g., election, food drive, jury
duty, etc.) and defend these actions as
examples or non-examples of good
ELP.SS.1.1: begin to independently
and collaboratively approach tasks and
activities with flexibility, imagination
and inventiveness.
ELR.SS.4.1.3: understand similarities
and respect differences among people,
such as gender, race, disability,
culture, language and family structure.
ELA.3.SL.C13.1: engage effectively in
a range of collaborative discussions
(one-on-one, in groups, and teacherled) with diverse partners on grade 3
topics and texts, building on others’
ideas and expressing their own
ELA.2.W.C9.1: write opinion pieces in
which they introduce the topic or book
they are writing about, state an opinion,
supply reasons that support the
opinion, use linking words (e.g.,
because, and, also) to connect opinion
and reasons and provide a concluding
statement or section.
ELP.SS.4.1.2: participate as members
of groups within a community.
ELI.SS.3.1.1: demonstrate an
awareness as to how their words
impact others.
ELI.SS.3.1.4: use appropriate
communication skills to initiate and
join activities and complete varied
learning tasks.
ELP.SS.1.1.6 maintain concentration
over a reasonable amount of time
despite distractions and interruptions.
ELP.SS.1.1.7 extend capacity for
independence in a range of activities,
routines and tasks.
ELP.SS.1.1.5 participate in a variety of
classroom experiences and tasks.
ELA.4.W.C11.1 conduct short research
projects that build knowledge through
investigation of different aspects of a
topic. and contrast
community life, family roles and social
classes in colonial America
ELI.SS.2.2.3 use expected workplace
dispositions, skills and behaviors in the
school and community (e.g.,
attendance, punctuality,
communication, relationships,
attitudes, perseverance, collaboration,
critical thinking and leadership.)
How will we use our resources
to meet both standards?
What areas will we address
together, independently, with