WV Dropout Prevention Committee Early Warning System Subcommittee Framework

WV Dropout Prevention Committee
Early Warning System Subcommittee Framework
A statewide Early Warning System (EWS) is being designed in West Virginia to provide schools 1) a tool to identify atrisk students who may be in future danger of dropping out and 2) increased data access for dropout prevention and
recovery efforts. The WV Early Warning System will be designed and implemented in a multi-tiered format, beginning
with an initial system targeting Grades 6-8 and 9-12 programmatic levels. The Grades 6-12 WV EWS tool is anticipated
by April 2012 for piloting with subsequent release to all WV districts expected by school year 2012-2013.
The long-term strategic plan would include a framework of support that would expand to all programmatic levels – Pre-K
– 12.
The WV EWS will be designed to maximize flexibility to meet the unique needs, climate, and culture of the individual
schools and districts in West Virginia. It is a tool intended to complement existing school problem-solving teams (e.g.,
Student Assistance Team, Dropout Prevention Team) and the other data readily available to these teams. The WV EWS
will provide access to the live data (to the extent that these data are updated by schools) and some historical data
to assist with identification and personalization of support for all students.
Key design and development elements of the WV 6-12 EWS include:
 Development of a EWS guidance framework to support school leaders in managing, accessing and utilizing the
 Development of a strong guidance and professional development for utilization of the EWS as a system of support
for all children, as well as those at risk.
 Guidance on utilization of EWS to identify a local process of support for students – Student Assistance Team
(SAT) or related multi-disciplinary team.
 Online web based site to target and flag key early indicators of dropout as defined in research – absenteeism,
records of misbehavior and course failure.
 Online web based site functions to highlight and provide a tiered warning report – providing manageable, live
data reports for local team use.
Following is a sample of the tiered warning indicators, providing a manageable, organized system of efficiently
targeting students at risk based on grouping students as having one, two or three early indicators of dropout.
WV Early Warning System for Dropout
Tiered web based data system for identification of
dropout prevention indicators. Local design and
function allows personalized review of data and
indicators – resource for SAT or related multidisciplinary team to provide review, reflection and