Office of Financial Management Washington State Major Project

Office of Financial Management
Washington State Major Project
Status Report June 30, 2008
Agency Number: 657
Agency: State Board for Community
And Technical Colleges
Project Number: 04-1-214
Project Title: Lower Columbia College – Fine Arts Center
Bill Reference: Chapter 26-03X-787
Contact Name, phone number, email:
Ellen Peres
[email protected]
Project Description: The Fine Arts Center for Lower Columbia College is a replacement
construction project and is the development and the construction of a 54,000 square foot fine arts
center. The new facility features a 500 seat auditorium designed for multiple uses, including
performances by Lower Columbia College’s drama, music and speech/forensic programs. The
facility also includes multi-functional classrooms, a thrust theater (also serving as a lecture hall),
seminar/conference rooms, art gallery, music practice rooms, MIDI piano lab, offices, support
spaces and appropriate storage accommodation.
The new Fine Arts Center is replacing a former small fine arts building, (originally constructed
in 1960). The college purchased 1.5 acres on a major corner in Longview which had two
buildings on it that have been demolished
Square feet: 54,000
Project Total Cost:
Approp. Code
Land Acquisition
2003 – 05
2003 – 05
2005 – 07
Pre-design Completion
Schematic Design Completion
Design/Development Completion
Land Acquisition
Construction Documents Completion
Demolition Completion
Bid Award Completion (Construction)
Begin Construction
Substantial Completion
Final Acceptance
April 30, 2004
July 30, 2004
March 30, 2005
July 8, 2005
December 05, 2005
June 30, 2006
July 19, 2006
July 19, 2006
March 21, 2008
July, 2008
Project Status and discussion of Critical Path for Construction:
The original critical path and contracted schedule was to reach substantial completion on
September 21, 2007, however, weather delays, a union strike of one of our subcontractors, and
design errors pushed that date out to March 21, 2008. We are currently in the final stages of the
punch list with only a few items remaining. It is anticipated that final sign off will occur in July
Contract Award History:
A/E Agreement:
Original Agreement
Pending Changes
Construction Contract(excl. sales tax):
Bid Award Amount $15,967,861
Change Orders
Pending Changes
Potential for Project Cost Overruns/Claims:
The contractor submitted a claim for extended overhead costs due to 52 days of time extensions.
With the assistant of the State E&A staff, an agreement to pay the contractor an extend overhead
amount of $290,484.00 was negotiated. Additional costs will be covered by donations received
by the college.
Discussion of Project Quality:
Every effort was made to ensure that this new facility is designed and constructed to perform as
an instructional facility. The building technology is state of the art for each discipline and
program. There was an emphasis on quality, functionality, sustainability, maintain-ability and
overall efficiency. Despite the need to adjust the project in light of the bid proposals, the quality
and function of the facility has not been compromised. LCC had a project representative on-site
providing daily observation of construction quality.
As previously reported, the college received a substantial donation to be used for this project. As
a result, the college has been determined that the wood interior finishes, that had to be deleted to
reduce the costs at the time of the bidding, will be added back into the building.