Dean’s May Challenge Grants: International Teaching or International Research 2015

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dean’s May Challenge Grants:
International Teaching or International Research
The Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences announces the availability of CSBS
challenge grants: International Teaching or International Research. These grants provide
funding up to $2,000, to allow tenured and probationary faculty the ability to carry out
international teaching or international research activities. The purpose of this grant is to
provide funding for projects that will deepen CSBS’s leadership in international education and
engagement. Monies can be used for such activities as:
1. Development of a new study abroad course, to be offered by May 1, 2016. Applicants
must provide explanation of interest, summary of plan, study abroad experience and/or
expertise in area. Applicants must collaborate with UNI’s Study Abroad Center and
follow their procedures.
2. Participation in an approved international academic exchange program. Applicants
must provide information about exchange program and all necessary preliminary
approvals from host institution and UNI. Applicants should detail how they are
collaborating with UNI’s Office of International Programs.
3. Engagement in an international research project that requires in-country collection of
data or primary research. Applicants must provide a research prospectus of no more
than five pages, outlining the project and need to travel. Applicants should also provide
potential publication outlets and a timeline for publication of research findings.
Recipients of this grant will have two choices of how the funding will be provided:
May salary funding: Grant funding awarded would be additional salary in the recipient’s
May paycheck.
Travel reimbursement: For relevant travel costs with required receipts and
documentation. If the trip occurs before June 15, 2015 the recipient would submit a
travel reimbursement form and receive funds up to $2,000 or the amount of approved
costs spent (whichever is the lower number) through normal reimbursement channels.
If the trip does not occur before June 15, 2015 reimbursement can only be used for prepaid airfare and/or registration fees purchased through a department procurement card
1. Complete the attached cover page with requested information.
2. Provide a summary of what you are planning to do, including a timeline, how the project
is important and beneficial to you and the college, and how it connects with your
current research and expertise.
3. Consult with department secretary if choosing the travel reimbursement option.
4. Successful applicants cannot teach during May 2015 and total university compensation
for the month of May cannot exceed 100 percent of salary (i.e., 1/9th of academic year
Submission Format
Please deliver a completed cover page (see below) to the Dean’s Office and email the following
items as Microsoft Word documents or PDFs to Greg Bruess, Associate Dean of CSBS. (Email
address: [email protected])
Required information. (The summary should be no more than five pages.)
A current CV.
Application Due Date
Applications for this challenge grant are due to the Dean’s Office by 5 p.m. Friday, February 27,
Progress Report Due Date
Successful applicants are expected to submit an electronic report on their progress by 5:00 p.m.
Friday, August 28, 2015. Email the progress report to: [email protected]
Final Report Due Date
Awardees must submit a final report providing a summary of the results of this grant by 5 p.m.
Friday, May 6, 2016. The summary should include information about the positive outcomes
stemming from the grant as well as any challenges encountered. The final report should be
emailed to: [email protected] The Office of the Dean should also be informed of any
publications generated through this grant.
Dean’s May Challenge Grants:
International Teaching or International Research
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Cover Page
Application Deadline: February 27, 2015
All applications must be typed
Applicant Name:
Choice of funding format (highlight choice): May salary funding
Travel reimbursement
Signature of Applicant: __________________________________ Date: ______________
Signature of Department Head: ____________________________ Date: ______________