Getting to Know You GRADE LESSON

Getting to Know You
Time Required: 30-45 minutes
Content Standards:
Student will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and
interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect
self and others.
AA. PSD.6.7.10 Develop a sense of belonging to a group to establish
group cohesiveness.
GOAL: Students will establish new relationships as they develop
positive interactions with others.
Activity Statements:
1. Students will complete the “We’re Alike Bingo” handout. This activity is designed to help
students learn about the likes of other students compared to their own. This awareness
of similarities will help the students feel more connected with their peers.
2. The instructor will lead the class in a discussion about similarities and differences
between students. Even though each student is unique, many have common traits
giving them a sense of cohesiveness.
Handout #1 “We’re Alike Bingo”
1. The instructor should introduce the lesson by pointing out that students sometimes feel
alone even in a large group. Some students may also feel very different from others
without realizing how much they have in common with their fellow classmates.
2. Distribute the “We’re Alike Bingo” Handout and review the directions at the top. The
goal is for students to complete typical bingos such as vertical, horizontal, sideways, or
four corners. Asking students to complete at least two bingos encourages them to meet
more students and potentially learn more about their classmates.
3. Allow the students adequate time to do the activity.
Getting To Know You
1. After students complete the activity, follow-up questions may include:
a. Were you surprised to find so many students with similar likes?
b. What are some ways that you discovered similarities of which you were not
c. Why is it good to know how you are similar to other students?
d. Is it OK to be unique in some ways also?
e. Why is it interesting to know how other students are unique from us?
f. How does this activity help you?
Additional Resources:
Websites for additional activities:
Extension Activities:
This activity may be extended to the home. Challenge students to take a copy of “Alike
Bingo” home to discover family members who are alike or different in some ways.
Students may want to talk with their parents about qualities that may be similar to
other family members, and qualities that are very unique to them as individuals.
Developed by Cathy Grewe, School Counselor
Jackson Middle School (2009)