Time Required:
30-45 minutes
Content Standards:
Students will understand safety and survival skills
and apply coping strategies.
AA.PSD.5.9.11 Understand and utilize community safety guidelines.
GOAL: Students will learn and utilize community safety guidelines.
Activity Statements:
Students will brainstorm to identify the rules and regulations that apply to members of the
community. They will role play various scenarios and explore the best ways to respond to a
safety or security situation.
Handout 1 – Student Search
Teacher Resource 1 - Instructions for Student Search
Handout 2 – Safety Scenarios
White board or poster paper, markers
1. Provide a copy of Handout 1 - Student Search. Explain that students will get to know
each other by trying to fill in as many of the “squares” on the bingo sheet as possible.
Students sign no more than two squares on the same sheet. Follow Teacher Resource 1
– Instructions for Student Search to complete the activity.
2. Explain to the students the goal of today’s lesson. Ask students to identify rules and
regulations currently in place to protect students and community members. Have a
student serve as scribe and write a list on poster paper or the white board. After the
group develops a list of rules and regulations, ask students to identify resources they
may use in case of a safety or security problem. After students brainstorm and the
scribe completes the list, help students think about other possible resources to add to
both lists.
3. Use Handout 2 - Safety Scenarios to continue the lesson. Ask students to respond with
their suggestions to selected scenarios. Discuss different opinions and how others may
4. If time permits, students may role play selected Safety Scenarios to practice role
effective communication when reporting problems or emergencies.
How is it helpful to know your neighbors and community?
How does community apply to our classroom, school, and county?
What resources are available to help and protect us?
What rules and regulations are in place to keep us safe?
Are there other rules or regulations student might suggest? Why?
What rules might be more important when we are younger? Older?
How can we keep each other safe?
Did we identify situations today for which we need more information about
possible resources?
Additional Resources:
Following Rules and Reporting Emergencies:
Community Watch -
Neighborhood Watch -
Neighborhood Watch -
Extension Activities:
Students may interview the local safety/security coordinator (school system,
county, etc.) and share information with the class.
Invite a safety officer or coordinator to visit the class and talk with students
about questions recorded during the “Safety Scenarios” activity.
Students may initiate a community watch or “tip box” for reporting problems in
the school.
Students may investigate purpose of community watch programs.
Other activities as assigned by advisor.
Developed by: Dr. Penny Fisher, Director, Putnam County Schools (2009)