BUSADM 3632.01: Healthcare Cluster Spring Semester 2015 Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30PM Mason Hall 405

BUSADM 3632.01: Healthcare Cluster
Spring Semester 2015
Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30PM
Mason Hall 405
Mrinalini Gadkari, MD, MHSA Senior Lecturer
632 Fisher Hall
(614) 292-3166
[email protected] Email is the best way to reach me.
By appointment. Email to set up a time to meet.
This course is the second in a two-course series that comprise the course requirements for
students enrolled in the Fisher Health Care Cluster and which, when combined with other
requirements, provide students with in-depth competence in health care business practices.
The first Health Care Industry Cluster course, BUSADM 3630.01 focused on history of
healthcare, finance and payment structure, healthcare operations focused on providing safe,
reliable and cost effective care, manufacturing and delivery of pharmaceuticals and supplies,
manufacturing and delivery of product that help people with disabilities, healthcare IT, and
careers in the healthcare industry. This course is a pre-requisite for enrollment in BUSADM
3632.01. The second course will provide you a hands-on experience working on real world
projects at hospitals and healthcare organizations participating in the healthcare industry
cluster. These projects will comprise a significant portion of this semester class and will provide
deliverables of benefit to sponsoring organizations.
1. To gain real life exposure to the business aspects of the health care industry
2. To develop a plan to analyze and address a challenge currently experienced by a health
care organization or evident in the industry as a whole.
3. To produce a tangible deliverable as a project outcome
All reading materials will be posted on Carmen
The course will be conducted in an interactive lecture-discussion format. You are expected to
come to class prepared and contribute to the discussion.
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There are a number of activities and assignments that will be used to assess your understanding
of the material covered in this course. These are listed below.
Total Course
Class Attendance (2 points x 15 classes)
Class Participation (2 points x 15 classes)
You will earn points by:
- Actively participating in class discussion and activities
- Contributing meaningfully to project related group discussions
You will lose points if:
- You engage in side-conversations during lectures and project discussions
- You use electronic devices for non-academic purposes
Written Materials
1. In-class deliverables (5 points x 7 project focused classes)
o Agenda for the project discussion in class
o Plus/Delta- Evaluation of discussion
o Action plan with next steps at the end of the discussion
o Questions for instructor
o Upload agenda, action plan, plus/delta on Carmen at the end of the
2. Weekly Project Reports for the days groups will not meet in class
(guest lectures) (5 points x 3 assignments)
Final Presentation
- Each student in the group will present with equal time allotted for
Communication with sponsor
- Provide information to sponsor/s to get you started on the project
- Ongoing timely communication with the sponsor/s
Peer Evaluation (individual submission)
- Complete template available on Carmen at the end of the semester
Total (Maximum points)
*A team grade will be assigned for the written materials and presentation, with possible
adjustments to an individual’s team grade by the instructor for exemplary performance by an
individual student or, conversely, for insufficient contributions to the team’s work. The instructor
will consult with project sponsors in assigning the team grade. Peer evaluations of contributions
will also be conducted.
1. Attendance is required. You should attend every class/on-site/team activity and
participate to:
a. Learn as much as possible
b. Achieve a grade you will be satisfied with
2. Arrive on time.
3. Cell phone/smartphone and computers will not be allowed during guest lectures
4. Cell phone/smartphone will not be allowed during group discussions. Computers are
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allowed to create materials relevant for the project.
5. Business casual attire will be expected for both on-site and in-class work.
6. The course instructor may choose to attend scheduled on-site activities unannounced.
Please keep her informed of any changes in the schedule submitted for project work.
7. Students are expected to attend all cluster activities. Requests for excused absences should
be submitted to the instructor by e-mail or phone prior to the scheduled class.
1. In-class deliverables- Outlined under grading and will be discussed in detail in class.
2. Weekly progress reports for the 3 days you will not meet in class (1 submission per
- These are group assignments. Team representative will upload the project report on
Carmen. Use the template uploaded on Carmen.
- Submit on time. Weekly progress reports are due on Tuesdays no later than 9pm. Upload
them in the group specific Dropbox on Carmen. There are no make-ups.
3. Final Presentation
- Each team member will be expected to participate in the team’s oral presentation, with an
approximately equal time allocated for each team member presentation. Presentations
should be supplemented by PowerPoint/Prezi slides or other presentation media and is
expected to be professional – succinct, no typos, with relevant graphs/pictures/videos.
Presentation materials are to be uploaded on Carmen the day before the presentation and
submitted to the instructor in print at the beginning of the presentation. Organizational
sponsors will be invited to attend team project presentations based on their availability.
If you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, please arrange an
appointment with me as soon as possible - we need to discuss the course format and explore
potential accommodations. I rely on the Office for Disability Services for assistance in verifying
need and developing accommodation strategies. You should start the verification process as
soon as possible.
Please familiarize yourself with the University Code of Student Conduct which can be found at
the following website: http://oaa.osu.edu/coam.html. Note especially the sections on plagiarism
found at http://oaa.osu.edu/assets/files/documents/hownottoplagiarize.pdf.
1. Suspected cases of academic misconduct must be reported to the Committee on
Academic Misconduct, per OSU policy (http://studentaffairs.osu.edu/resource_csc.asp).
2. Typical penalties include an ‘E’ in the course and disciplinary probation for a first
offense, and dismissal from OSU for a second offense.
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COURSE OUTLINE (subject to revision)
Semester Overview and Project
Jan 20
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Jan 27
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Feb 3
Dr. Michael Caligiuri, MD
Chief Executive Officer
James Cancer Hospital
Building a Successful Business: Cancer as an
Feb 10
Panel discussion- MD/RN/Admin
Learn about what MDs, RNs and administrators do on
a day to basis and what factors impact their work
Feb 17
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Feb 24
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Mar 3
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Mar 10
Richard McClead, Jr., MD
Professor, OSU & Co- Medical
Patient Safety Nationwide
Children’s Hospital
Ethics in Healthcare
Jan 13
Mar 24
Set expectations for the semester
Guest Lecture
Mar 26-28 Trip to Chicago (Optional)
Visit 2 healthcare organizations and get firsthand
information on their vision and mission, challenges in
healthcare, and strategies used to address them.
Mar 31
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Apr 7
Project Work
Students will work in teams on their projects
Apr 14
Project Presentation
Apr 21
Project Presentation
20 minute presentation in class (15min presentation +
5min Q&A)
20 minute presentation in class (15min presentation +
5min Q&A)
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