Executive Education The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership
Executive Education
In cooperation with the Executive
Education Department, Fisher faculty
developed and presented top quality
programs on business and management topics, designed to expand the
leadership and management skills of
high potential executives. These programs are either open-enrollment or
customer-designated for specific organizations. Selected examples of 199697 programs include:
• A customized program for
American Electric Power that
provided extensive management development training for
middle managers.
• Open-enrollment programs
such as “Strategic Sales Management,” “Accounting and
Finance for the Non-Financial
Manager,” and “CustomerDriven Manufacturing.”
• Customer programs for national associations such as the
Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association and the
National Association of Wholesale Distributors.
• Special programs for visiting
international professors including delegations from Korea and
Over 1,400 participants gained stateof-the-art knowledge in marketing and
sales, human resource management,
and financial quality management.