(insert date)

(insert date)
You have enrolled in the ________ session of (insert course number here) ___ which is being offered in
an online format. There will be _______ mandatory face-to-face class meetings, and the remainder of the
course will be on-line. The meeting sessions are as follows:
Insert Date, time, location for each class session.
Hardware/Software Requirements:
I would also strongly encourage you to access the following online help to get specific hardware/software
requirements: http://www.gvsu.edu/it/students/index.htm
You should expect to spend as much, if not more time for study, as with a classroom course since you are
managing your own learning using the online information, materials and communication. This requires
that you be self-disciplined, motivated, have some skills using a computer and a Web browser, as well as
the ability to be accountable to a group. The content and rigor of an online course offered by GVSU is
equivalent to the on-campus version of the same course. As noted, you should have experience using
email, sending email attachments, and browsing the World Wide Web.
If you do not have access to a computer at home or at your work, you may want to check with your local
public library to see if you can use their hardware and Internet connection.
To get a sneak peek at our class (Blackboard) web site please log into the following web site using your
GVSU network username and password: http://bb.gvsu.edu .
The text for this course is ______________, and will be available at the (insert bookstore here). If you
should have any questions or concerns regarding this course, please contact me by email at
____________ or by phone at ____________.
Pre-class Homework:
Prior to the first class, you should go to one of the Grand Valley State University computer labs to get
your network username and password activated, and update your email address in Sis-Web (My
Academic Records). You may also see a lab assistant or call the Grand Valley State University
Information Technology help desk to get your password reset at (616)331-2101.
Once again, I am looking forward to working with you this semester.