August 2010 to maximise the cutting yield.

Press Release
August 2010
Expect more from leather: TFL Maxi Solutions – Maximise your cutting yield
High raw hide prices increase the need for tanners to make more of their leather and
to maximise the cutting yield.
Increasing cutting yield involves various factors that are often contradictory.
Beamhouse processes avoiding looseness, retanning agents filling the leather or
finishing methods covering defects are used to improve cutting yield, but can produce
leather with unwanted hardness and/or with lower aesthetic appearance. TFL can
help tanners to make more profit and to optimise the useable area of leather while
enhancing the leather’s natural elegance and attraction.
At the ACLE 2010, TFL is presenting a range of products for Beamhouse, Wet-end
and Finishing that helps to achieve the maximum in useable area. For example the
new OROPON® M-range featuring ecologically sound bating agents to maximize the
cutting yield.
Tanners who would like to get more out of their leather should visit TFL at the ACLE
in Shanghai Hall W2, Booth B27a.