VARIABLE SPEED D Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Utility Costs with

Facility managers looking for high
Impact, low-cost solutions to drive
energy efficiency now have a solution.
With Emerson’s Variable Speed
Upgrades (VSD), you can increase
energy efficiency by up to 50 percent
without harming system performance.
VSDs allow you to match motor
speed with load demand using less
energy and lowering operating costs.
Emerson’s VSD upgrades are now
putting even more power in the hands
of facility managers.
Advances in VSD technology are putting even more power
in the hands of maintenance and IT managers.
Immediate Results, Lower Utility Costs
• Reduce utility costs for each CRAC unit by thousands
of dollars per year—a 20% reduction in fan speed yields
almost 50% savings in power consumption
• Average payback on utility costs is less than two years
• Utility rebates available in some regions, providing even
faster payback
Extend the Life of Your Equipment
• Less wear on fans and motors due to reduced stress
on bearings, sheaves, rings, and couplings, as well as
electrical parts including windings and insulation
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs by
matching motor speed to the changing load and system
• Lowering power factor (PF) may reduce your overall
energy costs
• Reduced maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on
fans and motors
Efficiency without Compromise™
• By optimizing data center infrastructure to reduce costs
and deliver high availability, Liebert Services delivers
Efficiency without Compromise™
Increase Energy Efficiency
and Reduce Utility Costs
with Emerson’s Variable
Speed Drive Upgrade
Liebert Services
System Upgrades from
the Most Trusted Name in
Precision Cooling
Emerson Network Power’s VSD
Upgrades use only OEM parts and
are installed by our factory-trained
technicians. VSD upgrades can be
installed with little or no disruption
to data center operations.
When you purchased precision cooling equipment for your
facility, you chose Liebert equipment for its quality, advanced
technology, and the Emerson sales and service organizations
behind these products.
So when your equipment needs service, rely on Emerson
Network Power, Liebert Services to ensure your equipment
is maintained to strictest OEM standards. With field experts
available to meet your needs, Emerson Network Power,
Liebert Services should be your first choice for service.
National Support and Expertise, You can Rely On Us:
• Regional based OEM factory-trained technicians with
centralized technical support
Annual Energy Cost to Run Fan ($0.10/kWh)
7.5 HP
No Speed Control
10 HP
• Each technician undergoes rigorous factory technical
training each year to keep abreast of the latest
technological advancements
• With years of experience, our knowledgeable technicians
have the ability to apply the latest technology and
configure it properly
5 HP
• National service coverage of 150+ additional factorytrained partners
15 HP
VSD/VFD installed: 80% speed
• As part of the Emerson family, our technicians have direct
access to the technical documentation and engineering
group who built the equipment
• National parts distribution network with local inventories
to ensure parts availability when and where you need them
Contact your local Emerson Network Power, Liebert Services
representative to conduct a custom payback analysis for
your facility.
800 LIEBERT (543 2378)
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