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Program at a Glance:
Further Information & Contact:
Complete application procedures are available at
Please send your application (personal data, cover letter,
CV, academic transcript, letter of recommendation,
proof of English skills) by e-mail to:
[email protected]
The deadline for applications is January 20, 2013. The
number of participants is limited to 20.
[email protected]
Third to fifth academic year, with a major in science or
engineering and a strong grade point average.
CENIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen
University of Duisburg-Essen
Forsthausweg 2
47057 Duisburg
Academic Credit:
Each participant will receive a transcript of records
recommending up to 10 ECTS credit points for completion of
the program. The participants themselves are responsible for
arranging the transfer of credits to their home institution.
The total fee for the seven-week CENIDE Nano Summer
Program is €3,000. This amount includes the language and
culture program, excursions, lectures, research projects,
industry visits, accommodation, health insurance, public
transportation, enrollment, and program material. A limited
number of scholarships will be awarded to exceptional
applicants to cover one half of the program fee (€1,500).
Contact Person:
Dr. Tobias Teckentrup
Managing Director CENIDE
Phone: +49 203 379-2817
Fax: +49 203 379-1895
E-mail: [email protected]
Program Committee:
Prof. Dr. Stephan Barcikowski, Faculty of Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Daniel Erni, Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Dr. Axel Lorke, Faculty of Physics
Dr. Tobias Teckentrup, CENIDE
CENIDE Nano Summer Program
Photos: © CENIDE (3) / © Ruhr Tourismus, Jochen Schlutius (1)
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
June 2 - July 20, 2013
Participants will stay in the “Bildungshotel” in single rooms
with private bathrooms and free wireless internet access.
The “Bildungshotel” is located in the center of Essen, close to
the campus and with good access to public transportation.
Discover a new world!
Program: June 2 – July 20, 2013
Rhine-Ruhr: In the Heart of Europe
The CENIDE Nano Summer Program is a seven-week international
academic program focusing on the exciting and emerging field of
nanotechnology. It was successfully held in 2012 for the first time, when
16 students from 10 different countries participated. The program is
designed for outstanding students from all over the world in their third
to fifth academic year with a major in science or engineering.
Language and Culture:
The University of Duisburg-Essen is located in the Rhine-Ruhr
metropolitan region, in the heart of Europe. With more than
11 million inhabitants, it is Germany’s largest and Europe’s fifth
largest metropolitan region. It is named after the Rhine and Ruhr
rivers, which are the region’s defining geographical features and
historically its economic backbone. Its location makes it well
connected to other major European cities such as Amsterdam,
Paris, London, Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. The region has
transformed itself from a center for heavy industry into a hub
for knowledge, technology, and service, and continues to have
enormous economic importance. In 2010 the Rhine-Ruhr region
was chosen as the European Capital of Culture.
Through classes in the first week and excursions to nearby cultural
highlights, the participants will have the chance to become more familiar
with the German language and culture, with a focus on the Rhine and
Ruhr Area. Trips to Amsterdam, Bonn, and Cologne will also take place.
Participants will gain various insights into the field of nanotechnology,
which lies at the intersection of science and engineering. Because
nanotechnology enables manipulation of material properties, it is one
of the key technologies of the 21st century. It is applied in many
different areas, such as energy technology, information and
communication technology, or consumer products, and it is an
important innovation driver.
The summer program is organized by the Center for Nanointegration
Duisburg-Essen (CENIDE) at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE).
The UDE is one of the 10 largest universities in Germany, and is located
in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region.
CENIDE, one of Europe’s most important nanotechnology research
clusters, consists of more than 50 top-level research groups from
different areas of nanotechnology. This makes it an ideal location for
students to learn about nanotechnology and establish contact with
leading experts.
From the second week on, introductory and advanced lectures about
nanotechnology will be offered. The lectures will start with two days of
introduction followed by one lecture day per week. The following topics
will be covered:
• Fundamentals
• Fabrication
• Processing and Functionalization
• Analysis and Properties
• Applications and Sustainability
• Case Studies
Research Projects:
The participants will gain lab experience in intensive six-week research
projects in the labs of the UDE.
During the program various visits and academic talks will be offered at
companies working on industrial applications of nanotechnology.