Omega and Recognition Dinner L.

Omega and Recognition Dinner
Six-Thirty, Wednesday, May Sixth, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Seven
Cardinal Hall, L. A. Pittenger Student Center, Ball State University
Mistress of Ceremonies—Judith Roepke
Da Camera Brass Quintet
Recognition of Outstanding Faculty
Recognition of Omegas and
Retirement Recognition—John E. Worthen
Processional of Omegas
Informal Reception for Omegas—Music Lounge
Carl F Andry Ebert L. Miller, Jr.
Leonard L. Coleman Mumtaz H. Mumtaz
Mildred Eberle Lionel J. Neiman
John T. Edwards William J. Nye
Velma C. Edwards Dorothy J. Peterson
Glenn T. Farling E. John Pole
Robert P. Fletcher Jake W. Reams
Marie Fraser David F Richmond
Mary E. Harshbarger Emerita S. Schulte
Harry Izmirlian, Jr. David W. Shepard
John M. Johns Shelby D. Smith
Carl H. Keener Edward S. Strother
Robert E. Linson Ray R. Suput
Don 0. Lyon Harry H. Taylor
Margaret M. McElhinney Shirley J. Trent
W. J. Wagoner
We have known your presence in many ways throughout your twentyeight years of dedicated service to Ball State University and the Department of Philosophy. You are a colleague who always gave good advice, a
warm friend, an excellent teacher and researcher. You deeply touched
numerous people, as is clear from the many letters you have received from
former students testifying to your impact. For all your contributions, we
thank you and wish you the best.
You have been a valued teacher at Burris Laboratory School for twentyseven years. During this time you gained the respect and admiration of
your students and your colleagues. You taught students the value and joy
of scientific inquiry, and your work in the science department established
a standard of excellence that will be hard to equal. We will miss your reasoned, sound judgment and your dedicated service to the university. We
thank you for your many contributions over the years and wish you the
best in your retirement.
Musicians are special people and special musicians are rare. You have been
this kind of musician throughout your thirty-five-year career at Ball State
University. You established one of the first piano laboratories in the country, championed the causes of myriad young pianists, and pioneered the
repertoire of the solo and ensemble piano with your own performances.
By your faithful presence at uncountable recitals you have garnered the
praise of your students and the envy of your peers. You will be remembered especially for your patience and concern with the young pianist and
your dedication to the welfare of music through your work with Mu Phi
Epsilon and the School of Music. We all wish you Godspeed and a wonderful and musical retirement.
You have been a productive and tireless colleague for twenty years. Your
work as teacher, mentor, counselor, and friend to many Ball State University faculty and staff members and students will indeed be missed. Many
of our graduates owe their success to you and the special interest you
showed for them and their education. Your tireless efforts in recruiting
students continually projected the message that Ball State cares. Your
work to establish the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' student chapter at Ball State, then to develop a strong bond between the local,
regional, and international S.M.E. with the Department of Industry and
Technology has been most significant. We sincerely thank you and wish
you the best in retirement.
Your unselfish service to the Department of Business Education and Office Administration and the students of Ball State University for nineteen
years is greatly appreciated. As administrative assistant for the past thirteen years you demonstrated daily your dedication, loyalty, and concern
for the department and your colleagues. Your pleasant manner and warm
smile will be missed by all of us, especially the students whom you spent
countless hours advising. Thank you for the invaluable contributions you
have made. We wish you great joy and happiness with your retirement.
Your foremost desire during your twenty-three years as a Ball State
University faculty member has been to instill a professional attitude in
the students with whom you have worked. Your diagnostics course in the
Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology has been recognized by
our students for years as a focal point in their development. Your dedication will be missed. We hope that your retirement will be everything that
you wish it to be.
In your twenty-eight years with Ball State University's Office of Advising
and Scheduling, you have excelled as adviser and administrator. As an
adviser, you have shown unusually high concern for students' welfare.
Through your thoughtful guidance many students successfully met their
academic goals. As an administrator you have been an inspirational
leader, a good listener, and a supportive colleague. You enabled your advisers to work to their potential, and you led the way to the new advising
program by consistently emphasizing the need for excellence in academic
advising. Your good humor, wise counsel, and steady leadership will be
missed. We wish you a joyful, fulfilling retirement.
For twenty-six years you have told the Ball State University story to the
public through newspapers, journals, and radio and television stations
throughout the world. You have been a professional in good times and
bad, earning a reputation as a credible and accessible spokeswoman. You
have benefitted us all by letting others know about our academic programs, faculty research, and student achievements. We will miss your
ready answers to questions about Ball State's heritage, your sound news
judgment, and your commitment to our educational mission. Thank you
for being an important part of Ball State's growth, and good luck with the
newest phase of your distinguished career.
Your twenty-one years of service to Ball State University are a model of
hard dedication and concern for students and colleagues. You are known
as a person who goes beyond duty, who does whatever is needed to help
others be successful. Adults with literacy problems, students in the Academic Opportunities Program, and high school students who "just come
over needing help" have all benefitted from your skills and your humanity. You have been known particularly for "seeing doctoral students
through" We wish you great joy and satisfaction in your retirement.
For fifteen years you have served as a colleague in Ball State University's
Department of Anthropology, six of those years as chairperson. Your unswerving efforts to develop high academic levels in student scholarship are
noteworthy. Your leadership status in seeking just and equitable treatment of faculty is to be commended. The knowledge you have as the
university's authority on contemporary and past Sikh political organization will be missed. We wish you all good fortune in your new ventures.
For thirty years you have served your colleagues, Ball State University,
and your community. Your students have been enriched by your outstanding ability to communicate to them a measure of your knowledge
and wisdom. Your attention to the needs of students has earned you their
respect and gratitude. Service to the community in church activities, in
the arts and theatre, and in the business community have earned for you
and the university good will that will be a continuing contribution to the
institution. Your leadership, including service on many departmental and
college committees, has helped to shape the future of the Department of
Finance. We thank you and wish you the best.
For thirty-five years you have been an inspiration to students at Burris
Laboratory School and the teachers you trained for our nation's schools.
You consistently demand that your students push themselves to the limits
of their abilities, and it is a mark of prestige and achievement for students
to loudly proclaim they have received an A in a Keener class. We will miss
your dedication, your professionalism, your concern for students, and
your leadership. We wish you the best of everything in your future years
and happiness and joy in your retirement.
Over a span of thirty-two years you have served Ball State University as
director of alumni relations, assistant vice president for alumni and de-
velopment programs, and vice president for university relations, as well as
professor of educational administration. As friend-raiser and fund-raiser
you were responsible for the significant expansion of the Alumni Association in programs, membership, and fund raising. During your tenure the
university won four U.S. Steel Awards for excellence in alumni giving.
You served the American Alumni Council as district chairman and as
chairman of the national board, and you were one of the founders of the
Council for Advancement and Support of Education. We wish you all the
best as you join your wife Nancy in the smiling ranks of retirees.
For twenty-three years you have provided dedicated service to Ball State
University in the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision and Burris Laboratory School. You contributed greatly to the mission of Teachers College through your work in scheduling teacher
education activities at Burris.and in your quiet but persistent advocacy of
the need for clinical experiences for prospective teachers. Your attention
to detail and concern for excellence in education have earned you the respect and admiration of your colleagues. We will miss your patience and
your friendliness. We thank you for all you have done, and we wish you
well in retirement.
You have been an effective teacher in the Department of Biology for
twenty-six years, providing leadership in elementary science at Ball State
University. You were instrumental in acquiring and constructing the
museum exhibits that are housed in the department and enjoyed by our
students and our visitors. Your concern for students and their welfare
have contributed to teacher education at Ball State. You believe in learning through travel and have visited and studied in many areas of the
world. We will miss you, but we are sure you will continue to learn
through your worldwide travels. We wish you much success in your
For twenty-five years you have committed time and effort to improving
the quality of programs in educational psychology at Ball State University. You are highly respected for your expertise in research and measurement. Your insights into development of departmental policies and
procedures are valued. Your dedication to advising students and giving
program direction will be sorely missed. We trust that your recent book
will not be your last and that you will find time in your retirement to continue to provide meaning to the uses of research and measurements in
education. We offer you best wishes for continued success.
Your fifteen years of meaningful contributions to Ball State University are
deeply appreciated. The College of Business attained an enhanced reputation during the years you were a member of the faculty. A dedicated
teacher, you demonstrated understanding and empathy toward students.
Your advice and career counseling proved to be of immense value to students searching for satisfying vocations in life. You are remembered by colleagues as a compassionate person, always ready to be of assistance to
others. Your warm smile is missed. We thank you for all you have done
and wish you much happiness in future years.
You have been a positive influence on hundreds of students and professional colleagues during your twenty-five years of service to Ball State
University. Your energy and hard work were instrumental in establishing
the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and in the expansion of its programs. Your many valued contributions will be remembered
by the Ball State community and by your associates across the state of Indiana. We will miss your integrity, your collegiality, and your hearty
laugh. You have our best wishes for a pleasant and productive retirement.
For twenty-two years you have served our academic community well as a
reference librarian. Students, faculty, and administrators have benefitted
from your knowledge, your diligent service, and your indefatigable search
for information. Your work with oral history and with newspaper indexing has enlarged the range of information available to our citizenry. Your
devotion to service led you to wider audiences, which resulted in book
transcriptions for the blind, and to consultancies with many local organizations. We will miss your thoughtfulness and your gentle humor. We
thank you for your contributions, and we wish you great joy in
For twenty-one years you have devoted yourself to the art of undergraduate teaching at Ball State University. You have introduced thousands of
students to their cultural heritage and have done so with verve and compassion. Both formally and informally you have shown students who were
perhaps suspicious of history courses that the best teachers can be both
knowledgeable and caring. Your students and your colleagues are all better people for having known you—and your presence will be missed.
Thank you, Dorothy, for giving us a definition of the truly concerned
For twenty-seven years you have been a respected member of the faculty
of Teachers College at Ball State University. You provided the direction
that brought the Residential Leadership Series to prominence. As a
friend, adviser, and advocate of students you helped many young school
administrators achieve success in their chosen fields. Your teaching style
and personal interest in the individual student established for you a special legacy of respect among the students and faculty members with whom
you have interacted.
Your thirty-one years of service to Ball State University and the Department of Industry and Technology serve as a model for all university
professors. You have-veen your discipline change tremendously during
your career. You have been an eager student of this change—continually
keeping your thinking and teaching in tune with the changes. Your curriculum development work, research, and speaking in recent years are a
testimony to your enthusiasm for your profession. Your willingness to undertake three overload graduate classes during your last year of service is a
tribute to your desire to teach the very newest ideas about curriculum in
your field. We are all indebted to you for your many contributions. Enjoy
your retirement.
For thirty-one years you have made important contributions to Ball State
University. You provided leadership in the Department of Educational
Psychology as department chairperson. You were always willing, on relatively short notice, to teach a variety of classes. You shared your concerns,
vocally and in writing. Your stands on issues were known widely across
the university. Your interest in and concern for faculty and student welfare will be missed. We wish you a challenging, rewarding future.
During your twenty-one years of teaching in the Department of English,
you have served your department and Ball State University with distinction. More important, you paid careful attention to students—wisely
counseling those with career questions about the teaching of language
arts and, in your English education classes, fostering an infectious love for
children's and young adults' literature. To students and colleagues alike
your office door has always been open. All of us are sorry to see that door
close on such a distinguished career. At the same time, we realize that
your continued scholarship in children's literature in the years ahead will
open new doors for you.
You have given thirty-three years of valuable service to the students and
faculty of Ball State University. You developed a highly successful debate
program. You served in the University Senate as a member and as a
parliamentarian from the inception of that body. You also served the
university diligently as a member of senate councils and committees. We
express our sincere appreciation for your dedication and commitment to
the development and growth of the Department of Speech Communication. We are grateful for your service and we wish you a well-deserved
Your thirty-one years of service to Burris Laboratory School have been a
model of dedication and service. You are an excellent mathematics
teacher, and you have provided outstanding service, representing your
colleagues on a variety of Ball State University committees and councils.
We appreciate your many contributions and your wise counsel. You are
truly a valued colleague and friend. We thank you for your commitment
to educational excellence and your desire to provide the best education
possible for your students. May future years bring you the contentment
and happiness you so richly deserve.
Your forty-one years of distinguished service to Ball State University have
been characterized throughout by a pioneering spirit. You first envisioned
the importance and legitimacy of theatre and the other oral communication arts in higher education and then went ahead to develop and encourage programs in these subjects that are today respected throughout
the state and nation. Educator, administrator, author, talented creative
artist, and dedicated friend of the institution, the Muncie community,
colleagues, and countless students, you can rest assured that your expertise and warm humanity will live as a model for the future growth of the
College of Fine Arts and Ball State. We wish you every happiness in your
years of retirement.
As a member of the Ball State University faculty for eighteen years, serving as director of University Library for twelve years and later as chairperson of the Department of Library and Information Science for five years,
you gave students and faculty sound advice and direction. You have frequently been recognized by the library profession as is evidenced by your
election as chairman of various committees of the American Library Association, the Chicago Regional Group of Librarians in Technical Service,
and the Indiana Library Association. It is with warm regard that we wish
you well in your retirement and proffer our sincere thanks for all that you
have done.
In your twenty-six years of teaching in the Department of English at Ball
State University and as an exchange professor at Westminster College,
Oxford, you brought to your students and colleagues the stimulation of
talking about fiction with a man whose published novels and short stories
have attracted national and international praise. You have spoken on
both sides of the Atlantic on topics as specific as the way in which a writer
moves an event from fact to fiction and as broad as the future of the humanities. We are grateful to you for embodying for us for more than a
quarter of a century the mystery and the excitement of the creative
For thirty-one years you have worked to challenge Ball State University
students so that they might grow socially and intellectually. Your special
attention to detail has been valued by your peers, since your work often
led to important policy decisions in the Department of Educational Psychology. Your professional development in school psychology served as a
self-improvement model for others. Your care and concern for students
have been invaluable. We wish you joy and reward in the coming years.
Your twenty-four years of service to Ball State University serve as a model
of excellence. You have served as a faculty member, chairperson of the
Department of Accounting, and acting associate dean of your college.
Your vision and abilities in planning and organizing were extremely valuable in the planning and building of the Whitinger Business Building.
Your ability to encourage and to inspire your colleagues in adopting new
technology into their teaching and research will be missed. The guidance
that you have given to young, aspiring faculty members will be difficult to
replace. We appreciate your numerous and varied contributions and hope
your retirement will be everything that you desire it to be.
Recognition of Outstanding Faculty
Outstanding Teacher Award
1972 Helen Sornson
1973 William H. Middleton
1974 Scott E. Fisher, Jr.
1975 John Barber
1976 Charles R. Carroll
1977 Richard H. Artes
1978 Duane 0. Eddy
1979 Padmini Joshi
1980 Donald Shondell
1981 Anthony Costello
1982 Anthony 0. Edmonds,
Jon R. Hendrix
1983 Whitney H. Gordon
1984 Herbert Jones
1985 James Kirkwood
1986 J. Rodney Underwood
Outstanding Young Faculty Award
1972 Anthony J. Costello
1973 Andrew Seager,
M. Kay Stickle
1974 Rebecca S. Nelson
1975 Duane Eddy,
Daniel Ball
1976 David T. Nelson,
Charles Payne
1977 Bruce F. Meyer
1978 Paul L. Bock
1979 Donald W. Gilman, Jr.
1980 Nancy T. Ellis
1981 Wayne M. Zage
1982 W. Herbert Senft
1983 Wes D. Gehring
1984 David Marini
1985 Cecil Bohanon
1986 Andrew R. Cayton,
Robert D. Habich
Outstanding Research Award
1972 David L. Costill
1973 Gordon R. Rosene
1974 Russell E. Siverly
1975 John A. Beekman
1976 Chu-yuan Cheng
1977 T. K. Puttaswamy
1978 Dwight W. Hoover
1979 Juan Bonta
1980 Joseph F. Trimmer
1981 Tetsumaro Hayashi
1982 Alice Bennett
14111983 John T. A. Koumoulides
1984 Linda Annis
1985 M. M. Ali
1/ 9 1986 Wes D. Gehring
Outstanding Creative Endeavor Award
1975 Linda Arndt
1979 James K. McDougall
1983 Patricia A. Nelson
1976 Leslie Leupp
1980 Arthur William Schaller 1984 David Shawger
1977 Craig S. Kuhner
1981 Robert Hargreaves
1985 Jean Murphy
1978 Thomas R. Thornburg 1982 Kenneth W. Preston
1986 None given
Outstanding Faculty Service Award
1972 Duane E. Deal
1973 John W. Hannaford
1974 Robert H. Koenker
1975 John 0. Lewellen
1976 Everett Ferrill
1977 Leslie J. Mauth
1978 Robert Hargreaves
1979 Alan W. Huckleberry
1980 John R. Craddock
1981 Thomas R. Mertens
1982 Jerry J. Nisbet
1983 Richard Wires
1984 Paul Errington
1985 Celia Dorris
1986 Rita M. Gardiol
Outstanding Administrative Service Award
1975 Ethel 0. Himelick
1976 Robert H. Showalter
1978 Edith Pittenger
1979 Norman E. Beck
1980 Robert P. Bell
1981 N. Nell Young
1982 Gertrude M. Kane
1983 John W. Hannaford
1984 Thomas Spangler
1986 Michael B. Wood
In Memoriam
JAMIES---_, Professor, Industry and Technology
RA AIDA/ L. A v/A- 4 .) r.
November 3, 1986
May 28, 1986
AV itai .1 1 LI i t14A- Joa.sAlsoa
Aiutp Do•siALo Ki1111A-r N.0
Director, Edwards Hall
-1..40,e..mtlesi H aerts-ra,4,
February 19, 1987
( c.) L' fq) P R- "F-
- RA4 mo Aso
p ii'o 1g la r -R Ai 1 a de,
_ d a mu p age., N. ?
as-ro g 175L4s a R,..,
— ANII4Coni
4 .p7A
AA 0 AMhfa,
Teti. et
. .05 JrNkSE767
Tow, W. 7.4..2 K t 5.14
— ...?...
Jos ep hi S . -kAan. J4115
Charles Greenwood, Chairman
Sue Whitaker, Menu and Decorations
Joseph S. Rawlings, Hospitality
Marie Fraser, Publicity
Joe L. Alford, Plaques
Jean Heffron, Entertainment
Ronald 0. McVey, Program Design
George Swafford, Tickets and Invitations
Tracy Norris, Citation Editor
Sandra Marsh, President's Office
Our special thanks go to
the Alumni Association for providing the plaques
and to the Cardinal Corps.
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