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Fall 2010 Minor in Public Praxis courses Marist Praxis Project for Public Citizenship see Public Praxis website – Search Public Praxis on Marist homepage, click Public Praxis contact Projectkeeper Mar Peter‐Raoul, Ph.D. Mar.Peter‐[email protected] FN 203 “To me it seems that the fundamental question of our lives, and perhaps of our century, is not the discovery of new knowledge or the development of new technology, but whether or not we can…amidst the ideologies and perplexities of our age, rediscover the human face and soul.” Marc Ellis Courses counting for the Minor in Public Praxis (18‐21 credits), Spring 2010 Human Rights (3 credits) Global Studies Seminar GBST301L111 C. Keith Constitution/Bill of Rights POSC201L111 L. Eckert Bible & Building Better World REST392L111 M Peter‐Raoul Community and Values (6 credits) Freshman Forum (1 credit) LERN120N112 J. Fiore Nonfiction Workshop ENG380L111 J. Zeppetello ST:Women in Arab World ARAB292L200 N. Hajjaj CIV: Hispanics in U.S. CSS354L200 I. Casey Intro Env Issues ENSC101L122 R. Feldman Intro Global Issues GBST103L111 C. Keith Women in Asia HIST267L111 K. Bayer ST: Public History HIST293L111 S. Garabedian ST: Struggle for Palestine HIST294L111/112 A. Arslanian American Feminism HIST325L741 R. Rosen Politics & History of Mid East HIST355L111 A. Arslanian American National Government POSC110L111/112/113 L. Eckert/J. Myers World Religions REST 209L111 M. Ronconi Judaeo‐Christian Scriptures REST300L111 F. Kelly ST: Islam REST393L111 M. Walker World Views & Values PHIL103L M. Peter‐Raoul CSCU292L150-ST: South African Culture E. Summers
Affluence and Poverty Bible & Building Better World REST392L200 M. Peter‐Raoul Prisons, Praxis, Prisoners REST244L200 H. Hallundbaek International Politics POSC273L112 J. Ali Comp Pol/Dev Area POSC353L111 J. Ali HIST295L150- ST: Modern South Africa
E. Summers
POSC3912L150-ST: South African Politics E. Summers Public Praxis (3‐6 credits) Public Praxis 1 REST320L111 (Spring 2010) Public Praxis 2 REST325L111 – Capping, required (Spring 2010)