Data Services Committee Meeting Minutes Monday, August 18, 2014 11:00am-12:00pm

Data Services Committee
Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 18, 2014
428 Main Library
x- Karen Hogenboom, chair
□- Jenny Johnson
x- Joanne Kaczmarek
□ Dawn Owens-Nicholson
x Carissa Phillips
x- Beth Sheehan
□ Sarah Shreeves
x- Sarah Williams
x- Christie Wiley
□ Maryalice Wu
x- James Whitacre
1. Notetaker: Joanne
2. GIS workshops for fall
James indicated he has four different workshops he would like to offer. One is “GIS 101” –
understanding what GIS can do. This would be offered early to mid-semester. The second
one is a focus on getting started with ESRI’s ARC GIS Online tool. This tool is easy for nonprofessionals to engage with and James thinks we will have an organization-wide account
that will be free to all UI staff. The third workshop will be on Finding Data with a particular
focus on finding GIS data on the web. The fourth workshop is about Managing and Creating
GIS Data – beyond Shape Files. Because shape files are being replaced by other formats, it
would be useful to have a workshop that focuses on how to arrange files, name files,
develop features that make maps more helpful in the analysis that people are doing.
3. Marketing Data Information Literacy workshops for fall
The marketing push should be in early October. We need to send a message to libnews and
Gradlinks, as well as creating a flyer and digital sign.
4. Planning for September meeting with Heidi Imker, Head of Research Data Services
Heidi will come to the next Data Services Committee meeting. Purpose is to introduce the
Committee to Heidi and hear about how she imagines DSC might help her with her overall
vision for the coming year. We will discuss possible overlap between DSC and Research
Data Service, and explore the possibility of collaborative projects.
5. Announcements
a. New marketing for 2014 Data Purchase Program – great postcards! Take some to
departmental libraries.
b. Schedule for 2014 Data Purchase Program – September 29th is the deadline for
submissions to the Data Purchase program. Plan to review submissions during the
month of October.
c. ICHASS/Scholarly Commons brown bags – Harriett and Karen are working with
ICHASS for brownbag meetings in the fall on computational research methods for
grad students. These meetings will likely be scheduled for 5:30-6:30pm with a goal
of having grad students talk about their experiences working with data in their