Electronic Resources Work Group April 22, 2004

Electronic Resources Work Group
April 22, 2004
Present: Tina Chrzastowski, Lisa German, Jo Kibbee, Michael Norman, Karen Schmidt,
John Weible, Lynn Wiley
Electronic Resource documentation: following on our discussion in March, John Weible
brought documents from the previous electronic resources group (EIRC) that lay out
evaluation and related standards for considering e-resources. These continue to be valuable
and should be linked. Tina will review and bring back suggested updates for our May
Coverage and overlap: we continued to discuss issues related to duplication of resources.
The new ORR shows very clearly the overlap in coverage and will be an important tool to
aid us in making cancellation and retention decisions for specific packages. We also
discussed briefly the overlap among print and electronic A&I resources. Review of er14 is
occurring in the CDC now.
E-resources and web use statistics: we discussed the importance of knowing activity
levels on our server, and the implications these statistics have for overall staffing and budget
decisions. John Weible showed us the excellent web statistics that his office compiled and
analyzed over a 6 month period in 2003. Lisa German will take these to the FY05
Implementation Task Force.
Product licensing and offers information on G:/ drive: Following our March discussion,
Wendy developed a series of sub-folders in the G:/Collections Info folder to make
information on incoming offers and licensing information more available to everyone.
ERWG reviewed the organization of the folders and made suggestions on changes to
improve access.
TDNet Contract: Our TDNet contract will be renewed and billed for October 2004October 2005.
Next meeting: May 27, 11:30-1:00.