College in the Schools Pol 1001 Course Readings Fall 2008.


College in the Schools

Pol 1001


American Democracy in a Changing World


Course Readings Fall 2008.

Ambinder, Marc,


Atlantic Monthly; Jun2008, Vol. 301 Issue 5, p63-67, 3p‐




Reich, Robert B., How Capitalism Is Killing Democracy, Foreign Policy; Sep/Oct2007 Issue 162,  p38‐42, 5p, 3.‐ live



Rauch, J. (2007, April). A Separate Peace. 

Atlantic Monthly


(3), 21‐22.‐live 

Weber, S., Barma, N., Kroenig, M., & Ratner, E. (2007, January). HOW GLOBALIZATION WENT 


Foreign Policy



Naím, M. (2008, January). Hungry for America. 

Foreign Policy‐live 

In Good Faith and Good Will. (2007, April). 

American History



Danoff, B. (2003, Winter2003/Spring2004). Leo Strauss, George W. Bush, and the Problem of 

Regime Change. 

Social Policy


(2/3), 35‐40.‐live 


Roubini, N. (2008, March). The Coming Financial PANDEMIC. (Cover story). 

Foreign Policy‐live 

Dixit, J. (2007, January). The Ideological Animal. 

Psychology Today


(1), 80‐86.‐live 


Green, J. (2007, September). The ROVE Presidency. (Cover story). 

Atlantic Monthly


(2), 52‐


72.‐ live 

Cannon, C. (2007, January). Untruth and Consequences. (Cover story). 

Atlantic Monthly





Kahneman, D., & Renshon, J. (2007, January). WHY HAWKS WIN. 

Foreign Policy


Online Political Science Resources

Academic Journals in Political Science

Political Science Quarterly

PS: Political Science and Politics

Journal of Public and International


, Princeton University


Foreign Policy

magazine. Harvard International Review

. Journal of Democracy

Research Centers

University of Minnesota

Center for the Study of Politics and Governance. University of Virginia Center for Politics, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Harvard University Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation Center for Democracy and Citizenship,

Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota University of Southern California Center on

Public Diplomacy. The University of Maryland, Center for

American Politics and Citizenship.

2 Program on International Policy Attitudes, Center for

International and Security Studies, University of Maryland.

Insider views on Politics

Roll Call:

Online version of the magazine devoted to the inner working of Congress.

The Politico

: New magazine covering Congress, the

Presidency, and the inside views on political affairs in Washington.

The National Journal

. Weekly magazine on politics and government. The Cook Political Report is a nonpartisan newsletter analyzing elections, campaigns, and political trends. The Rothenberg Political Report is a nonpartisan analysis of American politics and elections.

Liberal-leaning Magazines

The Nation

: Weekly magazine covering politics from a progressive viewpoint.

Mother Jones

: Investigative journals and political viewpoints from the left.

The Progressive

: News from a social justice prospective.

The American Prospect

: Monthly magazine from a liberal perspective.

Z Magazine

: Alternative viewpoints on American society and politics.

The New Republic

: traditional liberal viewpoints on politics and society.

Conservative-leaning Magazines

The Weekly Standard

: Neoconservative viewpoints on politics.


The National Review

: conservative perspective on

American politics.

Front Page Magazine

: Conservative views on politics and culture.

The American Spectator

: Monthly investigative reporting from a conservative viewpoint.

The American Conservative

: Traditional American conservative perspective.



Neoconservative views on politics.

General Interest Magazines with some political content, left, center and right.


The Atlantic Monthly


Political Blogs The Daily Kos: liberal leaning political blog. The Huffington Post: Liberal leaning political blog. Humanevents: a conservative blog. Blog of former House of Rep. whip,

Tom Delay. A conservative blog.

News Outlets CNN News Democracy Now National Public Radio

International News Outlets

4 BBC News from England Aljazeera news from Dubai Asia Times, news portal from Asia

International Herald Tribune.

News from around the world.

The New Internationalist

. Global views from a social justice perspective.

The Globalist

. Global news source. African News Agency

Think Tanks, Liberal Economic Policy Institute People for the American Way The Century Foundation Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University Russell Sage Foundation Center for Policy Alternatives

Think Tanks, Conservative Cato Institute The Hoover Institution The American Enterprise Institute The Heritage Foundation The Hudson Institute

The Center of the American Experiment.

Additional Think Tanks


5 The Brookings Institution Center for Strategic and International Studies Public Agenda Online