RHS Site Council Minutes February 3, 2014 6:30 – 8:30 PM

RHS Site Council Minutes
February 3, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Members Present
John Wollersheim – Principal
Becky Busho – President
Jeanine Ryan – Vice President
Mary Swanson - Treasurer
Gary Dion
Tracy Monro-Moran
Marcia Herron
Grace Herron – 11th Grade Representative
Drew Storley – Guest Speaker
Approval of January Minutes – Jeanine motioned to approve. Gary seconded. January minutes
Benefit Fund Account Review – Mary reported a current balance of $40,611.34 (Academics $3655; Arts
$13,273; Athletics $517; Scholarships $2355; TOR $20,809). The Scholarships account will have
increased activity this spring. The TOR account continues to fundraise. John will talk to Kim about
clearing this account from here and setting up a 501(c)(3) account for the Band Boosters.
Parent Leaders Meeting Report – Group met on 1/14. Discussed the levy results from the 11/5 election
and the re-election of three board members. Superintendent Berenz discussed emergency school
closings due to weather. Many factors are considered and Transportation needs to evaluate 110 square
miles of weather and road conditions. John noted students were not allowed to leave schools during the
school day when a winter storm warning was issued. The Career Development staff supported this
decision and the school did not receive any complaints. Steve Troen explained the World’s Best
Workforce legislation enacted last spring and what the implications are for our district. District 196 will
amend and adapt the existing Strategic Plan to align current educational initiatives from early learning
through high school graduation with the goal of closing the achievement gap. Finally, a technology
update was presented (see Drew’s report below for more information).
Student Council Report – Council helped do the world’s largest puzzle (24K+ puzzle pieces).
FTTH Donation – Group decided it would be best to wait and see what the greatest need is before
spending after hearing the technology update.
2014-2015 Registration Update – Presented by Drew Storley. Staff has been trying to catch up after lost
days due to the weather. Jennifer Boldus came in last Saturday to help with parent questions. Over 2/3
of registrations have been completed, and the remainder will be in the next few days (deadline is today
by 5pm). About 50% of online registrations are done correctly. Forms will be turned in at homerooms on
2/5. Current 8th graders have a different timeline. Guidance will go through forms of students with
questions or incompletes. Parents can add notes to the registration forms, and teachers also initial off
on classes to indicate choices were discussed with students.
Report from District Technology Committee – Presented by Drew Storley. A committee of 37 teachers,
principals and district leaders developed over the past year the district’s vision for learning and
technology (Drew is an administrative rep, a directive by the Superintendent and School Board). The
vision is “To provide students with a learning experience as dynamic as the world around them.” Vision,
access and professional development are all important elements for implementation of the district’s
technology plan. Increased and reliable access to technology is necessary to achieve the vision, but what
is the best method? Some districts allow students to bring their own devices while others provide each
student a device. If provided, how is this funded in a district like ours that has so many schools across
several communities? The current 10 year technology levy will expire in 2015. Professional development
is also crucial for effective implementation of technology. If teachers are not trained on how to use the
technology, some may not use it in the classrooms (at RHS, staff uses Mastery Connect and Naiku; would
like to have all staff trained to use Naiku by next fall). The district is looking at a coaching model where
trained staff work alongside their peers to enhance their understanding and instructional skills. Two key
things for our district to determine: 1) what do we want students to have and 2) what device best fits
our needs. The district would like to start a pilot program. Ultimately the program would start with
three grades using devices in the classroom, expanding to grades 4-12, over the course of five years. The
committee is making recommendations to the school board. From there a formal plan is expected to be
adopted. Drew also noted mobile access has gone up 47% in just the last few years, and RHS has
responded by installing wireless hubs. Drew shared and explained a handout entitled “Preparing
Students for Success in the Digital World.” Information will be presented to department chairs later this
Cold Days Update – Two days added to the calendar, 2/14 and 3/14.
Marching Band Update – Some payments still need to be made ($5389 unpaid balances by students and
$3500 in fuel costs). Twelve students still have a balance to be paid.
Potential Fundraising – Not discussed.
Other Donations of Money – Not discussed.
Parent Teacher Conference Table Debrief – Donations were again well received and much appreciated.
This time a table was set up near the counseling tables, just outside the IMC.
Class Rank – John wants to get the views of the Site Council regarding Class Rank. He noted that some
schools have done away with class rank. If there is time, John would like to break into small groups in
March to discuss.
Monday, March 3rd