Assignment: Challenges Name:


Assignment: Challenges Name:

In ‘Mi Caballo Mago’, English Translation ‘My Wonder Horse’, why do you think the boy is torn between pride at his own feat and respect of the animals’ majesty?

Explain the limits and obstacles that the boy must overcome.

In On Being Seventeen, Bright, and Unable to Read when David considers going to college, what gives him courage?

What did David do that made him feel better about himself?

In each of the pieces an individual finds himself in direct conflict with some challenge, be it the elements, a wild animal, or a trait. Forced to struggle, the characters consider their values, their understanding of nature, and ultimately their place in the hierarchy of the natural world.

Write a personal narrative in which you relate an incident from your experience that challenged you in some way.

Include ideas about

 how it gave you encouragement

 what you did to help yourself

 what others did to help or challenge you

 hat kinds of things you did to feel proud about yourself